Game Hunters Africa

Game Hunters Africa offers all of the big 5 species of dangerous game and 37 species of plains game across over one million acres of hunting concessions in South Africa, Botswana, Uganda, Camaroon, and up into the Zambesi Delta of Mozambique.

Operating under sustainable game utilization enables Game Hunters Africa to take excellent record book trophies year after year.

Our reputation is built on expertise, attention to detail and the ability to ensure that we will provide our clients with the very best hunting experience. We are in constant communication with our network of outfitters enabling us to stay informed of current political issues, field conditions and amenities beneficial to our hunters." ~Gordie White

Hunts Offered by Game Hunters Africa

Hunting Cape Buffalo in the Zambeze Delta of Mozambique

Mozambique Cape Buffalo Hunting

Mozambique is THE place for hunting Cape buffalo When hunting cape buffalo here, there will be many opportunities as this free range area in Mozambique holds an estimated population of 20,000 Buffalo. The spectrum of wildlife in this Mozambique hunting concession is quite remarkable, having 22 huntable game species from the tiny Livingstone Suni, to the Cape buffalo. This is the best place in … [Read more...]

Forest Elephant Hunting in Cameroon

Forest elephant hunting in Camaroon

In Cameroon, your forest elephant hunt will be during the "short rains", which run from April through to the end of July. Forest elephant hunting in Camaroon is done with a team of Pygmy trackers and their dogs which are kept on a leash while the Pygmies track.  This will be one of the most unusual and unique hunts you ever go on. Get More Information on this hunt Request Price The … [Read more...]

African Lion Hunt in South Africa

Lion hunting in South Africa

This lion hunt is a RUSH! Shooting distance will be close. Currently South Africa is the most affordable country to hunt lion, and a South African lioness hunt is even more affordable, and every bit as exciting. This South Africa lion hunt will take place on a very large hunting concession of very dense bush in South Africa. Get More Information on this hunt Request Price A South African … [Read more...]