Brent Hein Safaris

Classic Big Five Safaris in Zimbabwe for Dangerous Game.

Over one million acres of hunting area!

  • Over 20 years of experience as an African Professional Hunter
  • More animals in the top 5 of SCI than any other outfitter
  • Luxury camps with superb customer service

Brent Hein conducts custom tailored dangerous game and plainsgame safaris on over one million acres of prime habitat in the lowveld of Zimbabwe. With over 20 years experience in the wilds of Africa, Brent guides clients from across the world as they enjoy the experiences of a lifetime.

Bubye Valley Conservancy is among the premier hunting destinations in Africa, with over 30 species, including the Big Five. Herds of buffalo, zebra, wildebeest and impala roam the area, as well as a healthy population of lion. Leopard hunting here is among the best in southern Africa. The concession is served by a well maintained network of roads and other improvements, including seven luxury camps to make your safari comfortable and productive.

Brent Hein works with the leading operators in Zimbabwe to custom tailor your hunt – from tracking elephant and buffalo in the Zambezi Valley to hunting leopard in the lowveld.

Dangerous Game Hunts Offered by Brent Hein Safaris

Brent Hein is one of the best Big 5 PH's in Africa

Zimbabwe Leopard Hunting Safari

Leopard Hunts

Aim small, miss small... you're PH will appreciate it. Zimbabwe leopard hunting can be dangerous. Very dangerous. Any sane hunter should be thinking that the leopard is, pound for pound, the most dangerous animal in the world when wounded.  Zimbabwe can be a bit of a moving target polically so it’s very important to have a consultant help you with this hunt. Get More Information on this h … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe Buffalo Hunting

Cape buffalo hunting in Zimbabwe

Free Ranging Zimbabwe Buffalo Hunting Safaris. In terms of Dangerous game, Zimbabwe is one of the most affordable places in Africa to hunt Cape buffalo. Zimbabwe buffalo hunting is an adventure where you will experience a classic African Safari like it was at the times of Cecil John Roads and Saluu. Zimbabwe can be a bit of a moving target politically so it's very important to have a … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe Hippo Crocodile Combo Hunt

Hippo Hunt

A hippo crocodile hunt is a great side adventure to your Safari This Zimbabwe hippo crocodile hunting package is seven days on a huge area near Victoria Falls. A great side adventure to add to your Plains Game Safari, or you can book this hippo crocodile combo hunt as a stand-alone Safari. Hippo hunting in a ton of fun, and croc hunting can be very challenging. Get More Information on this … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe Elephant Hunt

Elephant hunting in Zimbabwe

High Success Rates on this Zimbabwe Elephant Hunt Zimbabwe elephant hunt for elephants that will average 35 to 50 pounds. Other dangerous and plains game species are also available. This Zimbabwe elephant hunt takes place on a huge, UNFENCED area near Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe can be a bit of a moving target polically so it’s very important to have a consultant help you with this hunt. Get Mo … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe Lion Hunt for Free Ranging Lions

Lion hunting in Zimbabwe

This Zimbabwe lion hunt consistently produces trophy, full-maned lions. Zimbabwe constently produces excellent African lions with success rates that can not be touched by most areas in Africa. One of the most sought after of the Big 5, the African lion remains one of the most popular hunts. Zimbabwe lion hunting can be a bit of a moving target politically so it’s very important to have a c … [Read more...]