Boulder Creek Outfitters

Guaranteed tags for elk, mule deer, whitetail and black bear.

Trophy hunting on over 60,000 acres of private land in Idaho.

For deer hunting, elk hunting, mountain lion hunting, turkey hunting or black bear hunting, Boulder Creek Outfitters has the hunting trip you are looking for. Of all the Idaho Hunting outfitters, we have what we think is an unbeatable combination of years of experience and quality hunting areas and trophy animals. Also, archery hunters can choose from specialized bowhunting trips for backcountry elk bow hunting or bowhunting deer on one of our ranches.

Hunts Offered by Boulder Creek Outfitters:

Nevada Mountain Lion Hunting

Nevada cougar hunting with a bow

Nevada has some incredible mountain lion hunting. It is a sleeper, and this Nevada Mountain Lion Hunting Outfitter goes above and beyond to try to ensure your success. This hunt is hunt is an affordable alternative to someone looking for a deal.  The houndman on this hunt does a great job and works his butt off to help our clients get a cat. "This Nevada Outfitter has about 70% success on … [Read more...]

Idaho Black Bear Hunts

Idaho wilderness bear hunts

This is an Idaho spring black bear hunt over bait in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. This Wilderness area is so vast and has such a high bear population that they offer TWO bear tags. One of the only places in the lower 48 where you can have two tags in your pocket. Start Planning Your Hunt Request Prices This area is so vast and has such a high bear population that you have a very … [Read more...]

Idaho Spring Bear Hunts

Idaho Spring Bear Hunts (Combo with Turkeys)

This is a spring black bear hunt over bait that you can combo with turkeys. What makes these Idaho spring bear hunts unique is the ability to combo them with turkey hunting. These Idaho spring bear hunts / turkey hunt combos take place over baits on the Joseph Ranch in Idaho's hunting unit 13. We have visited this ranch personally and it is a very neat place to hunt this combo. Start … [Read more...]

Idaho Elk Hunting on Private Ranch *Mule Deer Included

Elk hunting in Idaho

Idaho elk hunting on over 60,000 acres of private land! Private Land Idaho Elk Hunting. Add to that careful quotas and you have a place that produces outstanding bulls. Located in the Hell’s Canyon area, this outfitter has one of the largest land holdings in the state of Idaho. Because they have been managing their wolf populations from the get go, we haven't seen a drop off in bull quality at … [Read more...]

Idaho Black Bear Hunt on Private Land

Idaho Black Bear Hunt on Private Land

Spot and Stalk Black Bears on Private Land in Unit 14 This is a fall spot and stalk Idaho black bear hunt located on the Whitebird Ranch in Idaho's hunting Unit 14. Idaho black bear hunting is all of September, but this Outfitter does the majority of the hunts in the first 3 weeks of the month. The bears come down on the the open hill side to feed on wild plumbs. This has been a very fun hunt … [Read more...]