Boulder Creek Outfitters

Guaranteed tags for elk, mule deer, whitetail and black bear.

Trophy hunting on over 60,000 acres of private land in Idaho.

For deer hunting, elk hunting, mountain lion hunting, turkey hunting or black bear hunting, Boulder Creek Outfitters has the hunting trip you are looking for. Of all the Idaho Hunting outfitters, we have what we think is an unbeatable combination of years of experience and quality hunting areas and trophy animals. Also, archery hunters can choose from specialized bowhunting trips for backcountry elk bow hunting or bowhunting deer on one of our ranches.

Hunts Offered by Boulder Creek Outfitters:

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunts

Idaho record book mountain lion

Mountain lion hunting is an incredible experience for one of most sought after trophies in the nation, and there is no wonder why after seeing a mountain lion up close … [Read more...]