Australia Banteng Hunting

Banteng hunting

For a unique hunt, you should try Australia banteng hunting Banteng have haunted the forests of Australia's Cobourg Peninsula since 1848. This Premier Outfitter offers two, five day Australia banteng hunting packages: Cobourg Peninsula banteng hunting; and Mary River banteng hunting. » BOOK YOUR HUNT! Weighing around 1,100 pounds, a mature Banteng is very handsome. This exotic … [Read more...]

Australia Water Buffalo Hunting

Water buffalo hunting in the Northern Territory

Water Buffalo are big and they are plentiful. Truly a FUN hunt! As Australia's premier big game animal, the Water Buffalo deserves the highest level of respect when hunting. They are extremely tough and difficult to put down and are every bit as tough as the African Cape buffalo. » BOOK YOUR HUNT! Buffalo charges can and do, occur! On average, our Australia Water Buffalo … [Read more...]