Trophy Mountain Goat Hunts in Northwest British Columbia

Shad Wheeler trophy mountain goat

If you want a true trophy mountain goat, Hunt in the land of Giants! British Columbia's North coast along the border of Alaska is world renowned for having the highest number of trophy Mountain Goats in North America. You will be hunting in a 10,000 sq mile exclusive guide area in the heart of a trophy Mountain Goat mecca. Record 10" Billies are the norm on these hunts. This outfitter … [Read more...]

British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunting

British Columbia Mountain Goat Elk Combo Hunt

Combo your mountain goat hunt with an elk. This is seven-days of challenging high-alpine British Columbia mountain goat hunting in an area that is also loaded with elk! Trophy goats with 9" horns are the norm on this hunt, and the option to add an elk to this hunt makes it very special. Start Planning Your Hunt Request Prices We hunted archery elk with this British Columbia outfitter … [Read more...]

British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunting


Trophy mountain goats with exceptional winter coats are the norm. British Columbia mountain goat hunting can be also be a combo hunt with moose. British Columbia mountain goat hunting take place over 6,000 square miles in both the famous Toad River and Kechika River drainages of the Northern Rockies. This area has some of the best mountain goat hunting in British Columbia. Start Planning … [Read more...]

British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunts

Mountain Goat Hunting

Hunting areas are pre-scouted to help ensure a successful Mountain Goat hunt! British Columbia hunts in one of the best Mountain Goat Hunting areas in Canada. This hunt takes place in an exclusive outfitter territory that is made up of 1.6 million acres of prime mountain goat trophy hunting habitat in beautiful British Columbia. The mountain goat populations on this hunt are excellent. … [Read more...]

Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting

Hunting goats in Alaska

Vessel-based mountain goat hunts in Alaska's Prince William Sound. Alaska is the only state in the U.S. with guaranteed mountain goat tags, so come get your long-haired billy! This vessel-based hunt out of Valdez, Alaska, takes you to some of the most incredible landscapes in the world, the coastal mountains of Prince William Sound, where trophy quality mountain goats are plentiful. What … [Read more...]