5 Things to Know about Self-Guided Moose Hunts

2014-AK- DIY Moose

Hey guys, we booked one of your self-guided moose hunts and have a few questions so we can be fully prepared for it. 1. What worked/didn't? Good choice on your self-guided moose hunt, this year was our first experience with this outfitter and they did a great job for our party. During our layover in Bethel we meet several clients that had been out with them for multiple times already and were … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – DIY Alaska Moose Hunt

Trophy moose hunt

As I sit and stare at the palms of my moose euro that sit on my wall, I can’t help but relive the experience. The antlers are an awesome memento of hunt but the experience we lived and the challenge we conquered was what we really took from Alaska. It’s an unbelievable place filled with unbelievable animals and they will never be forgotten. Your Name: Paul Vlcek Your Location: Utah Your … [Read more...]

Unguided Alaska Moose Hunts

Unguided moose hunts in ALaska

A fly-in DIY moose hunt for trophy bulls! Ask us about this TROPHY unguided Alaska moose hunts. The price of this DIY hunt will astonish you. Here's your chance to take a GIANT Alaska-Yukon moose at a fraction of the price of a guided hunt. Moose densities in this area are considered so high by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, that they are concerned with over population and are … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – DIY Alaska Moose Hunt Drop Camp

Darin Cooper Moose

This DIY Alaska moose hunt was everything I had hoped for. We were dropped off with a well equipped camp in a great area. We were in the moose the entire time and were able to harvest two good bulls with our bows. I was already making plans to return before the float plane picked us up. Highly recommend this trip for experienced and physically fit hunters. Your Name: Darin Cooper Your … [Read more...]

British Columbia Bear, Moose Combo Hunt

BC black bear

This is a great bear, moose combo hunt. KILLER DEAL! This outfitter is considered one of British Columbia's moose hunting specialists. This bear, Moose combo hunt takes place during the prime moose rut from mid-September to the end of October, when the moose are responding to calling.  To find big bulls in BC you gotta be with the right outfitter in the right area.   We have been w … [Read more...]