Alaska Coastal Black Bear Hunts

Coastal Bear Hunting in Alaska

These vessel-based coastal black bear hunts are based from a live-in, luxury yacht. These Alaska trophy black bear hunts are conducted in Prince William Sound in Alaska Unit 6 where the rugged Chugach Mountains meet the saltwater. You'll be hunting big salmon-fed bears just coming out of hibernation in an area that has one of the highest bear populations in Alaska and they typically square … [Read more...]

British Columbia Bear, Moose Combo Hunt

BC black bear

This is a great bear, moose combo hunt. KILLER DEAL! This outfitter is considered one of British Columbia's moose hunting specialists. This bear, Moose combo hunt takes place during the prime moose rut from mid-September to the end of October, when the moose are responding to calling.  To find big bulls in BC you gotta be with the right outfitter in the right area.   We have been w … [Read more...]

British Columbia Black Bear Hunts

British Columbia black bear hunts

This is an ideal spot-and-stalk black bear hunt for bowhunters with multiple stalks increasing your chances of a successful hunt. This outfitters area boasts of some of the best habitat for black bears in the British Columbia. It has a prolific salmon run in the fall which brings bear in for miles. It is not uncommon to see up to 15 black bears per day, with multiple stalks being the rule … [Read more...]

Arizona Black Bear Hunts

Arizona spot and stalk black bear hunts

This is a great spot and stalk black bear hunt in Arizona The quantity of black bears in Arizona is not extremely high, but the quality of the bears is why most hunters book Arizona black bear hunts. This can be a very unusual and unique way to hunt black bears spot and stalk.  Most clients see multiple bears a day and the percentage of color phase is extremely high.  If you are looking for a s … [Read more...]

British Columbia Coastal Black Bear Hunting

British columbia coastal black bear hunt

This is a vessel-based coastal black bear hunt directly across the Strait Of Georgia from Vancouver Island in BC. This British Columbia vessel-based coastal black bear hunting outfitter has exclusive rights to hunt over 2,400 square miles. Directly across the Strait Of Georgia from Vancouver Island, this area is famous for it's world-class black bears. Start Planning Your Hunt This … [Read more...]