Beceite Ibex Hunts in Spain

Beceite Ibex Hunts in Spain

Arguably the best Beceite ibex hunts in Spain, if not in all of Europe. Last year they had a 100% success rate on over 100 hunts! Get More Information on this hunt Request Price Hunt during the rut. Beceite Ibex hunts usually take place during the rut which is at the end of October, November and December. Beceite ibex hunts are usually done by spot-and-stalk. You will be hunting in … [Read more...]

Kyrgyzstan Ibex Hunting for Mid-Asian Ibex

Ibex (mid-Asian) in Kyrgyzstan

Get your Mid-Asian Ibex with this great Kyrgyzstan Ibex Hunting Outfitter. An awesome Kyrgyzstan Ibex like this can be yours for around the same price as an elk hunt. This will be one of the most memorable hunts you ever go on. Kyrgyzstan ibex hunting is very safe. It is a friendly country to hunt and the U.S. military has been operating from there for some time. Get More Information on … [Read more...]

Trophy Mid-Asian Ibex Hunt

49 inch Mid Asian Ibex Billy

A Mid-Asian Ibex Hunt costs less than a Mountain Goat hunt! Experience one of the ultimate mountain hunts in the world with this very successful Mid-Asian Ibex Outfitter » BOOK YOUR HUNT! [wptab name='What to Expect'] All Mid-Asian Ibex Hunts are physically and mentally demanding, some more than others, but if you are looking for adventure and a stunning trophy, it is hard to beat a … [Read more...]

Gredos Ibex Hunts in Spain

Gredos Ibex Hunts in Spain

Arguably the best Gredos ibex hunts in Spain, if not in Europe. The Gredos ibex is one of three sub-species of ibex established for record keeping by splitting Mediterranean ibex into groups. In 2011 Safari Club International awarded this outfitter with the Outstanding International Professional Hunter award." -Trevor Brittingham Get More Information on this hunt Request Price Hunting … [Read more...]

Kashmir Markhor Hunting in Pakistan

Massive Kashmir Markhor

Kashmir Markhor hunting was once reserved for Kings. Unattainable to the International trophy hunter until recently, Kashmir Markhor hunting was reserved solely for distinguished guests of Kings. Request Prices Legal hunting season for Markhor runs from November through mid-April. The rut occurs in December and often provides a unique advantage for the hunter. January, February and even … [Read more...]