Hunting in Turkey

Surrounded by three seas, and two continents, Turkey is a beautiful country filled with a wide variety of unique hunting opportunities. Turkey is among the most important and popular hunting destinations in the world.

Ideal weather and beautiful mountainous terrain near the Mediterranean Sea make Turkey the ideal place for a stalking holiday. Hunting in Turkey is very good with opportunities for multiple big game species including: Bezoar Ibex, Wild boar, Konya sheep, Mid-Eastern red deer, Anatolian roe deer, Anatolian chamois, Wolf, Anatolian bear, and gamebirds.

Bezoar Ibex Hunting in Turkey

World Record Bezoar Ibex taken in Spain

This Outfitter took the World Record Bezoar Ibex... TWICE! As a trophy big game animal, Bezoar Ibex are one of the most sought after species in the hunting world. Besides being spectacularly beautiful, with long sweeping scimitar shaped horns that grow upwards of 50 inches, Bezoar Ibex have the longest horns of any animal in the world, relative to their body size. Get More Information … [Read more...]