New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunts

NM Archery Elk Hunts

New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunts for 320+ bulls on hundreds of thousands of private acres. Units 10, 12 & 13 are considered some of the premier elk hunting units in New Mexico. This NM Trophy Elk hunting outfitter has world class private and public land hunts in prime units. Start Planning Your Hunt Request Prices This outfitter consistently produces 320+ bulls on his over 400,000 acres of … [Read more...]

Traditional Tented Cape Buffalo Hunting Safari in Mozambique

Cape buffalo hunting in Mozambique

This is a "traditional" Mozambique Cape buffalo Safari that will take you back 100 years. This is the type of African Safari you have dreamed about since you were a kid reading Outdoor Life. Get More Information on this hunt Request Price This is a traditional, classic Cape buffalo hunting Safari in remote Mozambique. You will be hunting Cape buffalo out of traditional tented camps on … [Read more...]

Africa Hippo, Crocodile Hunt Combo

Hippo hunting in South Africa

10 day Trophy Hippo and Croc Hunt in South Africa or Mozambique. Hippo and Croc hunting...Dangerous Game at its finest! Hunting from a hide, so patience is key, but when that trophy hippo or croc shows up it is time to get your game face on. This hunt requires precision marksmanship, so make sure you are getting plenty of range time in as you need to hit a spot the size of an orange. But don't … [Read more...]

Grizzly Bear/Caribou Combo Float Hunt in Alaska

Grizzly Bear and Caribou combo float hunt in Alaska

This is an incredible 10 Day Grizzly Bear and Caribou combo float hunt. Alaskan Adventure Hunting at its Finest! Hunt in the wild Brooks Range, you wont find a better price on a better hunt for Arctic Grizzly and Caribou. Have you dreamed of hunting Alaska? or more specifically have you dreamed of hunting Grizzly Bear's and Caribou? If so, this is an incredible hunt, the adventure, the … [Read more...]

Dall Sheep Hunting in the Arctic Refuge Wilderness

Map of the Brooks range in Alaska

12 Day Backpack Hunt! Trophy Dall Sheep Hunting at its finest. Hunt the Arctic Refuge Wilderness Area of the Alaskan Brooks Range. Looking for your chance to pursue a Trophy Dall Sheep, but don't want to pay top dollar for the Yukon or Northwest Territories, or be stuck waiting out the draw? Then this is the hunt for you! This Outfitter takes a very limited number of lucky hunters … [Read more...]