Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts

Colorado Mountain Lion hunt

If you have never hunted with the use of hounds you will gain a new respect for what these dogs can do while hunting mountain lions. These Colorado mountain lion hunts take place in prime mountain lion country with a good population of mature toms. They use trucks, 4-wheelers and snowmobiles to find a mountain lion track then the hounds are turned out. Get more information Talk to a … [Read more...]

Idaho Whitetail Deer Hunting During the Rut

Hunting Whitetail deer in Idaho

Hunt whitetails in Idaho during the rut in Units 11A and 14 Idaho whitetail deer hunting on private land during the rut. If you like hunting whitetail deer, you should seriously consider hunting the November rut on this private ranch. Idaho is a sleeper for big whitetails with bucks that can push above the 160 mark. The action is often fast and furious with the November rut exposing the best … [Read more...]

Idaho Whitetail Archery Hunt on Private Land

Idaho early whitetail

The total archery hunting area on this ranch is over 60,000 acres! This Idaho whitetail archery hunt is on private land. Serious archery hunters wanting to take their best whitetail buck ever should seriously consider hunting on this private ranch. The early archery whitetail season can be especially incredible on this ranch. They do a lot of scouting and pattern the big bucks. Get More … [Read more...]

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunts

Idaho record book mountain lion

Mountain lion hunting is an incredible experience for one of most sought after trophies in the nation, and there is no wonder why after seeing a mountain lion up close and personal. They are a magical animal. "This mountain lion hunting outfitter has had about 90% success on these Idaho mountain lion hunts over the years, and if you do not have an opportunity at a mountain lion they’ll bring y … [Read more...]

Alberta Moose Hunts in the Peace River Area

Archery hunting for moose in Alberta, Canada

Ask us about the Alberta Archery Moose / Whitetail Combo Hunt Alberta Archery Moose Hunts in the heart of the Peace River Country in North Western Alberta, which is renowned for producing big trophy Canada Moose. This Alberta outfitter offers both archery and rifle moose hunts. * Ask us about Archery Moose / Whitetail Combo Hunts Get more information Talk to a Consultant about … [Read more...]

Quebec Caribou Hunts (Quebec-Labrador Caribou)

Quebec Barren Ground Caribou Hunting

For over 25 years this Quebec caribou hunting Outfitter has provided caribou hunters with the best access to North America's most substantial caribou herds: the Leaf River and the George River herds. This outfitter runs his camps like a fine oiled machine. Fishing, Bear and small game hunting during these trips is free of charge. Get more information Talk to a Consultant about Quebec … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe Hippo Crocodile Combo Hunt


A hippo crocodile hunt is a great side adventure to your Safari This Zimbabwe hippo crocodile hunting package is seven days on a huge area near Victoria Falls. A great side adventure to add to your Plains Game Safari, or you can book this hippo crocodile combo hunt as a stand-alone Safari. Hippo hunting in a ton of fun, and croc hunting can be very challenging. Get more information This … [Read more...]

New Zealand Fallow Deer Hunting (Free Range)

New Zealand

New Zealand fallow deer are numerous and relatively unpressured. This Outfitter focuses on the game management of his land to provide some of the best Free Range New Zealand Fallow deer hunting. The Coastal Wairarapa in the South East of the North Island consistently produces free range Fallow deer of the best quality available in New Zealand. Hunting free range in New Zealand is a rare … [Read more...]

New Zealand Hunting for Tahr and/or Chamois

New Zealand Tahr hunting

New Zealand hunting on the Southern Alps New Zealand hunting is unique because it is the only place in the world where Himalayan Tahr and European Chamois can be taken on the same hunt! New Zealand hunting for Tahr and Chamois takes place on large private stations (over 50,000 acres) in the Southern Alps on the South Island of New Zealand. Get More Information Nowhere else in the world … [Read more...]

New Zealand Rusa Deer Hunting

New Zealand Rusa Deer Hunting

New Zealand Rusa Deer hunting is the best in the world! New Caledonia, New Zealand is a tropical French colony with the most abundant Rusa deer herds anywhere. Javan Rusa were introduced to New Caldonia in the 1800's and thrive on the rolling brown grasslands to the extent that hundreds of does and a couple of dozen trophy stags will be seen per day. This is a very fun hunt.  Get More … [Read more...]

New Zealand Sambar Deer Hunting

New Zealand Sambar Deer Hunting

The best free-ranging sambar deer hunting in New Zealand There are very few places in the world where Sambar deer can be hunted. New Zealand Sambar deer hunting in the Wanganui-Manawatu region is very good with a high population of sambar deer and great trophy quality. Get More Information This is a difficult hunt for an elusive animal but considering the scarcity of hunting … [Read more...]

New Zealand Sika Deer Hunting


The best Free Range Sika deer hunting in New Zealand Sika deer were introduced into the Kaimanawa Ranges in the central North Island of New Zealand in 1905. They have thrived and New Zealand sika deer hunting is now consistently producing world class trophy sika stag! Get More Information New Zealand Sika deer hunting is very good. You will be free range trophy hunting on a remote and large … [Read more...]