Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts

Colorado Mountain Lion hunt

If you have never hunted with the use of hounds you will gain a new respect for what these dogs can do while hunting mountain lions. These Colorado mountain lion … [Read more...]

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunts

Idaho record book mountain lion

Mountain lion hunting is an incredible experience for one of most sought after trophies in the nation, and there is no wonder why after seeing a mountain lion up close … [Read more...]

New Zealand Rusa Deer Hunting

New Zealand Rusa Deer Hunting

New Zealand Rusa Deer hunting is the best in the world! New Caledonia, New Zealand is a tropical French colony with the most abundant Rusa deer herds anywhere. Javan … [Read more...]

New Zealand Sika Deer Hunting


The best Free Range Sika deer hunting in New Zealand Sika deer were introduced into the Kaimanawa Ranges in the central North Island of New Zealand in 1905. They have … [Read more...]