South Africa Plains Game Hunting Packages

Africa Plains Game Safari Packages

Surprisingly Affordable South Africa Plains Game Hunting Packages Many hunters don't realize that they can hunt several species on a South Africa Plains Game hunting trip for around the same cost as a good elk hunt in North America. This outfitter will make sure your every need is met and that you enjoy a comfortable and satisfying Plains Game hunt. This is a great place to go for the "first … [Read more...]

South Africa Plains Game Hunting Safari in the Eastern Cape

South Africa Plains Game Hunting Safari in the Eastern Cape

South Africa's most affordable first class Safari! Every hunter has their own idea and dream of hunting Africa, so this hunt is on a daily rate/trophy fee basis, allowing you to tailor your own Africa plains game hunting safari. This PH has access to over 3 million acres of private land and game reserves, including over 700,000 acres of free range hunting areas. Get more … [Read more...]

South African Plains Game Safari in the Limpopo Province

South Africa Plains Game Hunting Safari

A great place for your first African Plains Game Safari Few places in the world offer such varied hunting opportunities as a South African plains game safari. If you are thinking about your first hunting safari in Africa, the Limpopo Province of South Africa should be on the top of your list. We would love to set you up with one of our African plains game safari packages or a custom package … [Read more...]

Mozambique Tented Safari – A Classic, Traditional African Safari

Traditional Tented African Safari

This is a classic African tented safari in Mozambique. The Zambeze Delta of Mozambique has some of the most diverse habitat and game species found in all of Africa. A tented safari will make you feel like you are hunting 100 years ago. The variety of plains game you will see on this Mozambique hunt will amaze you. ¬†Get more information Cape buffalo live in the flood plains and swamps in … [Read more...]