Hunting in Camaroon

Hunting in Camaroon can be an incredible experience!
Cameroon is one of Africa’s most diverse countries, offering hunters a chance at the elusive bongo, forest sitatunga, and giant forest hog in the tropical rainforests in the Southern part of the country. As you move north, you can hunt Lord Derby eland, North Western buffalo, roan, and more plains game in the mixed woodlands and savannah’s of the more arid north.

Forest Elephant Hunting in Cameroon

Forest elephant hunting in Camaroon

In Cameroon, your forest elephant hunt will be during the "short rains", which run from April through to the end of July. Forest elephant hunting in Camaroon is done with a team of Pygmy trackers and their dogs which are kept on a leash while the Pygmies track.  This will be one of the most unusual and unique hunts you ever go on. Get More Information on this hunt Request Price The … [Read more...]

Tips for US Hunters Traveling to Africa

Tips for US hunters travelling to Africa

If you are traveling to Africa for a hunt from the US, it can be a daunting undertaking the first time you do it, but if you have all of the correct information there is no need to worry. Here is what you need to know for your upcoming African Safari. Prior to Traveling to Africa 1. You need to get a letter of invitation to come on a hunt from your PH prior to traveling to Africa. As hunting … [Read more...]