Stone Sheep Hunting in British Columbia

Stone Sheep Hunting in BC 100% Opportunity!

Stone Sheep Hunting in British Columbia
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He and his guides consistently get hunters on great Stone Sheep Rams. In fact their average ram over the last 6 years has been 37 inches with 13 1/2 inch bases. So if you are looking for a great Stone Sheep hunt with the chance to combo a Mountain Goat or Mountain Caribou this is it! British Columbia is known as the Serengeti of North America and for good reason. It has some of the most pristine and rugged wilderness combined with a diverse array of some of the best trophy animals anywhere on the planet, making it a destination to rival Africa. Not to mention, you get to experience it all on horseback. Get More Information »

Your on top of the mountains, in high grassy meadows, and living in and among the Rams..What more needs to be said.”

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What to expect on your stone sheep hunt

Stone Sheep Hunting Season
Stone Sheep are primarily hunted starting August 1 through early September. Starting August 12 you can combo a Mountain Caribou (375 B&C average) on this hunt and starting August 25 you can also combo a Moose (55″ average). These hunts are a great way to get your hunting season off to a great start.

License and Tags:
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Hunting Method
Hunting is primarily conducted via horseback and spot and stalk. Clients are welcome to use their weapon of choice, be it archery, rifle or muzzleloader.

Success is sweet!

Opportunity Rates and Trophy Quality
For the last 6 years this outfitter has maintained a 100% opportunity rate on trophy Stone Sheep! Regardless of your success, you will have an incredible adventure on this hunt and create memories to last a lifetime.

Combo Opportunities
One of the great things about Stone Sheep hunting in British Columbia is the opportunity to combo multiple trophy species on a single hunt. Depending on the time of year you can combo Mountain Goats, Trophy Mountain Caribou and Huge Bull Moose, as well as Grizzly and Wolf.

Many consider stone sheep among the top big game animals in the world. It’s hard to argue.

Travel, Food, and Lodging information for this hunt

Stone sheep hunting with Tahltan Outfitters in British ColumbiaTravel
Hunters will make their way to Smithers BC by vehicle or flight, where you can then (rent a car if flying) and drive 6hrs to Dease Lake where you will meet up and catch your float plane flight into camp. You will need to keep the weight of your gear to 50lbs to avoid any overweight issues on your flights coming out.

*You can also try and book a flight from Smithers to Dease Lake, but the flights are limited and often delayed or canceled due to weather. We suggest staying at the Hudson Bay Lodge in Smithers, as they have a storage room where you can leave your hard cases and other luggage.


Stone sheep in British Columbia

As these are true wilderness hunts, your accommodations will consist of either Wall Tents or Cabins. Some camps also have generators available for power. You will enjoy a hearty breakfast, a bagged lunch and delicious home cooked dinners.

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Hunt Reports for this Outfitter:

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