Stedi Stock Review

OK, I’ve gotta admit that I was skeptical when Harold from Stedi Stock contacted me a few months ago wanting me to do a product review. I had seen the product before on hunting shows and was pretty sure that it was just a gimmick. It took me a while to test the product and get this review written and I’m pretty sure that Harold had given up on me, but recently I got my chance to test it out.

stedi stock

Last weekend I took the Stedi Stock along on a family camping trip and was pleasantly surprised at its functionality. I wanted to really test it and figured that mounting a spotting scope on it was the ultimate test. Every hunter knows that hand-holding a spotting scope just doesn’t work. I strapped it on and set off on a hike with my sons to scout for some elk.

Steadi Stock

Here are the results of the Stedi Stock Review:

Ease of Use: After I figured out that the little knob holding the handle on screwed off, mounting my spotting scope was easy.

Functionality: While it was no tripod (I realize that’s not the point though), I was able to use it quite effectively to glass for game. It was a little shaky at the highest magnification, but I found that I was able to brace on a tree as if shooting a rifle. Another bonus is that it is much, much lighter than a tripod.

Is the Stedi Stock Pracitcal? Yes, I think it is. I do a lot of back-country archery hunting and my spotting scope gets left behind more often than not. With this product, I think I’ll get more use out of it.

Will My Buddies Make Fun of Me? Maybe at first… I’m willing to deal with that, and I bet they get one too after using it.

Steadi-Stock-WebbMy Son Loves It! he thinks it’s super cool and has been using it in his “wars” with his brother and sister.




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