South Texas Deer Hunting with the Outdoors International Team

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While a lot of us were still recovering from the holiday hustle and bustle Cory Glauner, Marc Warnke and Trevor Brittingham of Outdoors International are in South Texas deer hunting, and testing their Kryptek Gear in some different country.

The first morning of the South Texas deer hunting trip proved to be a rather successful one for Cory as he harvested this nice buck before the sun even came up. He and Trevor were hunting out of the same blind looking over some Sonderos (clearings) when this buck came out of the brush. Even though Cory was hunting a certain buck named “Twisted Alfonso the Bear”, when this 3 yr. old 8 pnt. came out Trevor immediotly said, “this buck has to go, go ahead and shoot him”… Cory was happy to oblige. At just over 100 yards, one shot with a borrowed .308 (the first animal Cory has shot with a rifle in over 10 years) did the job. Amazingly, this was Cory’s first EVER whitetail!

Cory Glauner South Texas deer hunting
Cory with his first whitetail.... Ever.

Since the sun had not even come up yet, Trevor and Cory decided to stay in the stand to see if Alfonso or Indigo (a 13 year old 170+ buck that Trevor had been hunting for 4 years) would show up.

Twisted Alfonso the Bear
This is the buck that Cory was after.
Neither of the guests of honor showed up that morning, but it was a great one nonetheless as there were never fewer than 3 bucks in the sonderos at one time with some of them going over 180″!!! The evening sit was more of the same. Lots and lots of action, but the two bucks on the hit list didn’t show up. An incredible place to hunt.

The second morning found Trevor and Cory in the same blind again and just as it was looking like “more of the same” Cory spotted Alfonso coming out of the brush. He was MUCH bigger in person and Cory was disappointed when he chased a doe back into the brush without coming out into the open, but a few minutes later here he came. Cory didn’t waste any time and at 130 yards, WHACK! Dropped him in his tracks. Twisted Alfonso the Bear was his!

Cory Glauner with his South Texas whitetail.
Cory with Twisted Alfonso the Bear

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If you haven’t been Texas deer hunting yet, you should. A target rich environment like I haven’t seen anywhere outside of Africa. I can’t wait to go back. Thanks Trevor for the invite, I had no idea that it would be so incredible. ~Cory Glauner

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That afternoon, Marc and Jaken showed up. This was to be Jaken’s first big game hunt, (he is 7 years old) and man did he have a good one! He and Marc were after a buck called “Blacky”. He was another 3 year old 8 pointer that would score around 140″. They didn’t have to wait long for Blacky to show up. He waltzed into bow range and Marc could have zinged him multiple times but Jaken was having a hard time getting on him. Finally the buck walked away and they thought that they were done for the evening. A few minutes later another buck walked in that Jaken liked the looks of and at 100 yards he let him have it. A great first buck, and now Blacky moved to Marc’s hit list. Perfect!

Jaken Warnke with his first deer at 7 years old.
Jaken Warnke with his first deer at 7 years old.

On that same evening, Cory shot (from the same stand that he shot the two buck out of) a javelina and a feral boar they had trying to get all summer. He was whackin’ and stackin’.

Cory with his South Texas deer, hog and javelina
Cory with his South Texas deer, hog and javelina all shot out of the same stand in two days.

The rest of the hunt went like this: on the third morning, Cory shot another javelina out of a bow blind. That evening, Cory took Jaken out for javelina while Marc tried for Blacky and Trevor continued to hunt Indigo. Jaken shot his first javelina that evening. Marc never did get Blacky and Indigo never showed up for Trevor… they’re not sure that he is even still alive.

Jaken and Cory with Jaken's first javelina and second ever big game animal.
Jaken and Cory with Jaken's first javelina and second ever big game animal.

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The next week, Jaken and Marc visited another ranch to hunt exotics and Jaken shot a nice ram. What a hunting trip he had! He and Cory had all the luck on this one…. and by the way, Kryptek is great gear. Git’ya some!

Jaken with his Texas ram
Jaken with his Texas ram

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