South Africa White Rhino Hunting

South Africa Rhino HuntsSouthern White Rhino hunting is allowed with a CITES permit and importation into the United States and Europe is allowed.

Rhino hunting takes place in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.  These hunts only exist when bulls get old enough to begin killing other bulls and need to be culled.  Much of the money generated by this hunt go to helping the wild populations.

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White rhinos were once on the verge of extinction, but now they flourish in reserves and on game ranches throughout South Africa.” ~Gordie White

South Africa White rhino hunting

White Rhino Hunting Season
Rhino hunting usually needs to be scheduled in advance and they can be hunted year-round.

Hunting Method
The rhino has incredible hearing and smell. On ranches where regular hunting takes place, they become almost invisible despite their size. Many hunters believe that their rhino hunt will simply be a matter of pulling the trigger, but when hunted on foot, the rhino is one of the most elusive and frustrating of the Big Five to hunt.

Shots are not usually over 50 yards and hunters should shoot a minimum of .375 Magnum.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
Success rates are 100%. Rhinos are judged by the length and base measurements of both horns. These rhino hunts are almost always for trophy bulls.

Map of South AfricaClimate and Weather
Winter months in South Africa are June through August, however May and September can also be cold. Generally you can expect cold mornings with the occasional frost, warming towards midday with cold nights. The summer months can have temperatures of up to 100 degrees F at midday.

Game Care
Your PH will have skinners available to care for all game that is taken on your hunt.

CITES permits are required for white rhino hunting.

Non Hunter Activities
South Africa is blessed with an abundance of private game parks, unspoiled landscapes and spectacular world class golf courses. From beaches to the beautiful scenic garden route, and the historic rolling hills of Zululand KwaZulu-Natal.