South Africa Safari for Plains Game

This South Africa Safari is one that you won’t soon forget!

kudu hunting in south africa
Your African plains game safari will be tailored to your needs. Hunt with a top notch PH, stay in a 5-Star lodge, and enjoy exceptional trophy quality on a huge ranch. » BOOK YOUR HUNT!

Spanning over 25,000 acres with miles of mountainous terrain, interspersed with valleys and river bottoms, you will be amazed at the number of plains game animals you see on this South Africa safari. Get More Information »

The hunting was off the hook, with LOTS of game. The people were great, the PH’s were fun, friendly, and professional. The food was spectacular, as was the lodging.”

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Herbert Joring Sable huntiing in South AfricaCory Glauner with a Roland Ward gembsokkudu hunting

What you should expect on this South Africa safari

Webb admiring his zebraSafari Hunting Method
After breakfast, you will jump in the back of the hunting rig and either drive roads looking for game, or sit in a hide… don’t worry, you will see a lot of game. There is no shooting from the truck. Once an animal is spotted, you will start your stalk. Animals that seem relaxed while you are in the truck become VERY wild once your feet hit the ground. The hunting area is huge, and the species you are hunting will dictate which part of it you are hunting. The PH is knowledgeable, and will be totally focused on your hunting goals.

Once an animal is taken, the staff will be called on the radio to take care of it and get your trophy to the skinning shed. They will take care to properly skin your animal the correct way depending on how you want it mounted. Immediately following your hunt, a taxidermist will collect your trophies and get them dipped, packed and ready for shipping.

There is a roadless area on the backside of the ranch where there are kudu bulls dying of old age…. that intrigues me, and I plan on hunting them soon.” ~Cory Glauner

Bowhunter Friendly
Shad Wheeler Impala
As a bowhunter, this place is a dream come true. Whether your game is spot-and-stalk, sitting a ground blind, or a mix of both, you will have a blast! You could be stalking game from dawn to dusk if you wished. A truly amazing place to hone your bowhunting skills.

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Hunting Season
Opinions differ, but we feel that the best time of year to hunt in the Limpopo province of South Africa is late May through August. The later you go the less cover there will be and you will see more game. Honestly though, don’t stress about it too much. Just go! You won’t regret it.

We went in July and it was amazing. Nice and cool weather and not a cloud in the sky. Perfection.” ~Shad Wheeler

Plains Game Species Available
An amazing variety of plains game species are available on this hunt including: Baboon; Blesbuck; Blue Wildebeest; Bush pig (Opportunity); Bush pig (On bait); Hyena; Steen buck; Oryx; Giraffe; Duiker; Klipspringer; Hippo; Kudu; Kudu (60″+ also available); Impala; Red hartebeest; Nyala; Tsessebe; Warthog (Trophy); Waterbuck; Zebra; Eland; Bushbuck; Reedbuck (Common); Reedbuck (Mountain); Ostrich; Sable; Cape Buffalo; Roan; and Leopard.

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Trophy Cape Buffalo, and Leopard are also available.
Cape buffalo hunting
Leopard and Cape buffalo can be hunted from the main lodge upon request and depending on available tags. Other species of dangerous game such as lion, elephant, and crocodile will be hunted in other areas, and need to be planned prior to your safari.

Travel, Food, and Lodging information for this hunt

Map of South AfricaTravel to South Africa
You will fly to Johannesburg, South Africa where the PH will meet you immediately upon landing. He will help you with your luggage and rifle or bow. The “Joburg” airport is very modern and easy to navigate. From the airport, the PH will drive you to the hunting area, which is a two-and-a-half hour drive North. Once you arrive at the lodge, all travel while hunting will be from 4×4 pickup trucks with racks in the back. All vehicles are new, clean, and in good working order.


(509) 679-0025

Many hunters worry about travelling to Africa, but there is no need. The airport in South Africa is easy, clean and modern. Most people speak good English, and the PH will be right there to help you with the entire process.”

5-Star Lodge Accommodations
The lodge
The lodge consists of 6 en-suite rooms, decorated in a modern afro-ethnic style. Elegant, yet understated and always in pristine condition with natural stone, wood and thatch. The lodge also boasts a swimming pool, fully stocked bar, an outside dining area, and a lapa area with fire pit and bbq.

Lodge Ensuit single bedroom Ensuite double bedroom Dining room The swimming pool Landscaping at the lodge Lodge Kids playing pool in the bar

South African ‘Boere’ Cuisine
The food is South African ‘Boere’ (local) with a touch of European. Expect lots of meat, vegetables, and fruit, all complimented by a variety of South African wines. You will eat a hearty breakfast, usually come back to the lodge for lunch, and then a nice dinner at night. Prior to dinner, you will lounge around the fire pit or in the bar talking about the days hunt and tomorrows plans. You will feel at ease with the staff, who treats you, not as a client but, as a friend.

Breakfast in the lodge Breakfast Cheers Wine at sunset Talking about the days hunt over dinner Table of food Roast South African food Dinner after a long day of hunting african chef

Other Activities are also available
If you aren’t a hunter, or have non-hunters in your group, don’t worry because there are plenty of activities available.

  • Elephant back safaris*
  • Curio Shopping*
  • Fishing
  • Rock Art Expose’ – Bushmen paintings
  • African tribal dancing
  • A visit to the White Lions*
  • Game drives and walking safaris*
  • Bird Watching
  • Trips to outlying areas*
  • Helicopter rides*
  • Horse Riding game viewing Safaris*
  • Just relax and enjoy Africa

Please note that items marked with an asterisk (*) are charged additionally.

South Africa Safari Kudu

There’s not one bad thing I could say about this South Africa safari. It was the trip of a lifetime for me and my son.”
-Cory Glauner

Hunt Reports:

  • Outfitter Report - Africa was good to this German hunter
    It has been a good start to our season. We just dropped off our first hunter, who was from Germany at the airport. He had a great Safari here in South Africa, taking a nice buffalo, sable, nyala, zebra and blesbuck.
    [Read more...]

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There’s not one bad thing I could say about this South Africa safari. The hunting was off the hook, with LOTS of game. The people were great, the PH’s were fun, friendly, and professional. The food was spectacular, as was the lodging. It was the trip of a lifetime for me and my son. Cory […]

I went from being on top of the world, to the pit of despair in about 1.5 seconds. Suddenly I could hear Botes’ (our PH) voice cutting through the fog of disbelief and utter horror, saying “nock another one, nock another one, you got this.” When I snapped out of it I realized the big […]

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Custom gear list for this South Africa safari:

  • Good quality pocket size binoculars.
  • Hat for the Africa sun.
  • Ammunition carrier or belt.
  • Multi-purpose knife or leatherman tool.
  • Flashlight and batteries.
  • Earplugs.
  • Sling and cleaning kit.
  • Good quality camera and plenty of batteries.
  • Universal adapter for video equipment.
  • We suggest the following clothing list:

  • Warm neutral coloured jacket or sweater
  • 1 or 2 pairs good walking boots, well broken in to prevent blisters ruining your safari
  • Casual clothing and shoes for around camp
  • Sun hat/cap – we suggest a sunscreen

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