South Africa Plains Game Hunting Safari in the Eastern Cape

South Africa’s most affordable first class Safari!

South Africa Plains Game Hunting Safari in the Eastern CapeEvery hunter has their own idea and dream of hunting Africa, so this hunt is on a daily rate/trophy fee basis, allowing you to tailor your own Africa plains game hunting safari.

This PH has access to over 3 million acres of private land and game reserves, including over 700,000 acres of free range hunting areas.

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South Africa is a great destination for the first time hunter to Africa, but it offers so much more than that. For the second and third time hunter, it allows you time to hunt and explore the smallest of antelope in our forests, to our majestic plains and our breath taking mountains. “

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South Africa Plains Game Hunting

South Africa Plains Game HuntingAfrica Plains Game Hunting Season
Hunting South Africa is not limited by hunting seasons, but this PH prefers seasons to run from early March through late October.

Hunting Method
You will be hunting almost exclusively by spot-and-stalk. Sometimes from a truck, and sometimes walking. Archers usually hunt over water holes from ground blinds.

Available Plains Game Species
The Malaria Free Eastern Cape of South Africa offers the finest hunting in the country with over forty different species. More than anywhere else in Africa.

These plains game species include: Baboon; Blesbuck (common); Blesbuck (white); Bontebuck; Bushbuck (cape); Bush Pig; Caracal/Lynx; Duiker (blue); Duiker (grey); Eland (cape); Fallow Deer; Gemsbuck; Giraffe; Grysbuck (cape); Hartebeest (cape); Impala; Impala (black); Klipspringer; Kudu (East cape); Lechwe (common); Lion; Nyala; Oribi; Ostrich; Reedbuck (common); Reedbuck (mountain); Rhino (white); Sable; Scimitar Oryx; Roan (Southern); Springbuck (black); Springbuck (common); Springbuck (copper); Springbuck (white); Steenbuck; Vaal Rhebuck; Warthog; Waterbuck; Wildebeest (black); Wildebeest (blue); Burchell’s Zebra; Hartman’s Zebra.

Trophy Quality
The vast area that this PH has access to virtually guarantees excellent trophy quality and the ability to move so you can focus on specific species.

Map of South AfricaTravel
Your main entry into South Africa will be either Johannesburg or Cape Town. From either airport, you can catch connecting flights to your final destination; your final flight destination will depend upon the area in which your safari is set to start. Most likely to Port Elizabeth.

When booking your safari, it is essential that you arrive one day before your first hunting day and leave the day after your last hunting day. Please check with your travel agent or our own travel offices that your flight schedules indicate this.

Passports are required for travel to South Africa. Please note that for the most part no Visas are required. American and European Union passports are sufficient for entries into South Africa.

Climate and Weather
During early March through late October the Eastern Cape has a moderate climate, making for comfortable hunting conditions.

Game Care
Your PH will have skinners available to care for all game that is taken on your hunt.

Camps are “first class” and vary from comfortable safari-style homes to small, personal rustic camps. On the Big 5 Game Reserve, there are luxurious lodges where you will be spoiled the African way. You will enjoy some of the best local cooking South Africa has to offer.

Whether it is your first trip to Africa, a hunt for the big five or the choice of forty different plains game species, we are here to cater to your every need.

Non Hunter Activities
A great climate along with first class lodging and numerous tourist attractions, makes the East Cape a world class destination for the non-hunter on safari. This PH also now has their own game reserve with rhino, lion, and cape buffalo right at his main camp, so you do not have to travel to other reserves. No other Safari company has this.


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