Sindh Ibex Hunting in Pakistan

Sindh Ibex hunting is the most unique hunt in Pakistan…. which is saying alot.

Massive Sindh Ibex - PakistanPakistan is blessed with a great variety of mountain game animals, some of which are among the rarest animals which do not exist anywhere else in the world. This is the only place Sindh ibex hunting takes place.

Physically, Sindh ibex hunting is relatively easy, especially as far as the mountain game hunting goes. The area that you will be hunting offers unbeatable trophy quality and an extremely healthy number of animals.

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Hunting for Sindh Ibex runs from November through March.
Early season tends to be much warmer and makes for a less comfortable hunting experience.

Pakistan Sindh Ibex HuntsTrophy quality is exceptional.
Sindh Ibex measuring 95-100 cm (37″- 40″) are quite common in the well protected and managed areas hunted by this outfitter.

The magic number for a Sindh Ibex is 40 inches. A billy of this sizes is considered a trophy of a lifetime and a true giant. Anything over 36 inches is thought of as a very respectable trophy.

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Make it a combo hunt by adding a Blanford urial.

Trophy Blanford urial huntingAnother incredible mountain animal that shares this small region of the world with Sindh Ibex is the Blanford Urial. This outfitter holds the current #1 SCI Blanford Urial, and a good number of previous world records

Blanford Urial may be hunted in combination with Sindh Ibex hunting for an additional trophy fee.

It is possible to harvest both trophies within a few days while staying in a very comfortable camp, but the trip duration is often extended by two days to ensure a successful hunt.

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Travel to Pakistan is fairly easy. The Southern part of Pakistan is home to the remarkable Sindh Ibex. Sindh Ibex hunting takes place in the hill country around Dureji which is a 4 hour drive from Karachi Airport.

The accommodations are of the nicest anywhere in Asia and the food is quite good as well. The huge hunting area, roughly 100 X 40 kilometers, has been ruled by a family named Bhootani for several hundred years.

35,000 people live in the area and they all serve for the Bhootani family. With this small army at their service, nobody can mess with them or the clients that hunt on their land, whom they consider their personal guests. The inherent security of this hunting area makes it safer than traveling anywhere else in the world.

Here are a few trophy photos from this hunt.

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