Conservation & Sheep Hunting Go Hand in Hand

26 Canadian Bighorn Sheep have just found a new home near Deadwood South Dakota thanks to the money generated through conservation auction tags.

Sheep Find New Home in SD

North American Grand Slam of Sheep

This is a cool story, I love getting to see hunters conservation dollars being put to great use. There are so many who are so quick to say that all hunters care about is killing animals, but the reality is hunters do more than any others when it comes to putting and keeping animals on the mountains. Take a read on this story to see exactly how the dollars from Conservation Auction Tags help restore wildlife to their historical ranges.

DEADWOOD, S.D. — When the Grizzly Gulch fire of June and July 2002 charred 11,589 acres of forest around Lead and Deadwood, it created ideal habitat for bighorn sheep.

Last Thursday, officials with the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department took advantage of the burn area and released 26 bighorn sheep they captured on Tuesday in Hinton, Alberta, Canada, just north of Jasper National Park.

In the pre-dawn light, the sheep stood quietly inside horse trailers high above Deadwood, nibbling on alfalfa hay or licking the ice blocks placed inside… to read the full article click here

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