OI Podcast # 2 – Hunting with Kids

Download our podcast on iTunesAfter a particularly gut wrenching turkey hunt with his son, Marc and Russ discuss how hard it is to be patient and not expect too much from our kids as we take them out hunting.

Hunting with kids is tough, but the rewards are worth the effort and sharing your knowledge with new hunters is part of the natural evolution that most of us go through as hunters.

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Here are some videos of Marc and Jaken hunting together:

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Marc: Alright Outdoors International, this is Marc Warnke and a kind of a spur of the moment Podcast today, just got out of the woods, hunt with my son for his first turkey, to be honest with you, this is where one of those times where we are kind of reaching out to a brother, just need to talk about that shook me up so I called Russ Myer if any of you, who know Russ, he is just not only a great heart, but a great honor and just you know a close enough guy, where I can reach out and talk to him, and thought you might find it interesting, you know kind of the nuances [indiscernible] [00:00:46] all, and I think it is important for you to know as men and what we do within our families, as well as hunting, and I think this is something that we all deal with. So Russ the reason I called you is so I took Jaken out, we were out on second day, he is 10 years old going after his Turkey and we have the classic turkey scenarios, you know going up on on-bridges and we are hunting mountain birds.

Going up on the ridges and [indiscernible][00:01:12] to shoot some birds they were down below, kind of spread at we had four gobblers, each of them kind of picked a finger that they win up and it was raining this morning so, they just weren’t gobbling very hard, you kind of didn’t know where they were the whole time, you had occasionally heard a gobbling and nobody was gobbling their heads off, so we did a lot of ridge jumping, finally got over the top of one, he ended up going on another finger, so we went on a death march, got up on top of him, sat up, called he wasn’t very interested, finally saw him going in the other direction it was actually two [indiscernible] [00:01:49] and two hands, and it was a pretty neat moment, actually if we had taken at that time as well though, because they were doing, kind of a little turkey play stuff, you know they were playing with one another, and it was fun to see him kind of literally rolling around and jumping over the top of each other, I really hadn’t seen that before. I thought that was pretty cool, but anyway they kept kind of getting out in front of us and we were tailgating them, which I hate doing, but due to the terrain I couldn’t get in front of them, so we just kept tailgating them, tailgating them finally they turned and then bailed off on one of the sides, so let us get a real aggressive I mean we’ve been working these birds for almost an hour, moved up in and got real aggressive, probably 50 yards away from him, and I knew they were just off the edge, and it was one of those where you couldn’t quite see over the roll, and you know I saw Jake tail fan and a little bit of a head coming and got Jaken all ready for it, and they bailed off the side, so I was just moving him up a little bit closer, and you know so he could see up over the edge, and sure here they come like you know basically running in, and it’s the hand coming in to investigate the calling, she’s trailing the gobblers and so now I am completely out of position, we have got two hands and two jakes, Jaken has never assessed gobbler or hand at close range, they run into seven yards if he shoots he is going to muscle blast the crap out of me, he is also little enough to where he struggles to hold back shock and a freehand nod on shooting sticks, and he is on his knees and he is out of position and I just reach I lean back to him and I said Jaken, two gobblers are the ones on the left, they are the ones with the red head so pull up and do your best, and so I did my head down tried to kind of protect myself from getting muscle blasted, he shoots I look up, there’s a one of the gobblers holding its wing out to the side, he’s obviously body punched him, and you know luckily I had a tag in my pocket too so you know he’s not experienced enough with a pump short gun yet to cycle you know shells or anything, and when you work [indiscernible][00:03:52] that I just knew that, you know, it was going to be a one shot deal and if not I was going to hold back him up, and you know I got a tag and it’s open and all I could start, so I grabbed the gun, cycled the shell in, shot missed on the run, he’s obviously very sick. We looked for him for a long time, and didn’t find him.

So I know it’s a big long story, but here’s the things that are coming up for me Russ, number 1 is I am noticing that when I am hunting with Jaken I can be a grumpy disagreeable jump on his ass, bastard, and I am so disappointed as a father that that’s my natural instinct, I am always jumping on him for being quite or you know not always, I mean I may even talk to him about it on the way back down, but then on top of it, to have him have to experience a lost animal, and I am feeling like I kind of let him down, I mean he even said [indiscernible][00:04:42] dad I wasn’t really ready to take that kind of a shot, and you kind of pushed me into it, and he is right I did and I don’t know I am just feeling really heavy hearted about it and needs somebody to talk about it, and I know, [indiscernible] [00:04:55] guys that have dealt with this stuff I am just being honest that I have the capability to be a dick to my own son in the woods and it bums me out, I mean what do you feel about that, that you just [indiscernible] [00:05:07] Russ I mean what do you take from that?

Russ: Well Marc I think it’s as a father you know like yourself I find myself in that same situation where you want so much for them to succeed and experience success with animals and share that together but the reality is, you know they can’t quite obviously do the things we can do instinctively and it can be frustrating. I have been there, I kick myself in the butt the same way you are, and we just got to try thinking we’ll do our best and reality is when it’s [indiscernible] [00:05:48] they just need to have fun, they don’t, we just have to keep that in mind successful or not, I mean even if he wouldn’t have [indiscernible][00:05:55] the shot off, I [indiscernible][00:05:58] whether to tell the story of how close they came in and what kind of post a little bit, and you know rather than it turning out to be something very positive unfortunately it’s kind of a [indiscernible][00:06:09] situation, but bottom line is you know and I know you very well expressing yourself to Jaken you know look forward to the next party to make that better you know… I kind of know the exact things placed with Jeff out there, you know but it is haunting me this part of it.

Marc: Yeah I hear you and I think any [indiscernible][00:06:35] to a killer has, you know a sense of responsibility to a [indiscernible] [00:06:42] that’s been wounded and Jaken and I spent a lot of time in the woods looking I guess it’s just, I guess it’s for me I just have this ideal I have this goal set in mind that some of the intimate moments I shared with my own family and my own father we are in the woods that’s where it was the best, and you know he was patient with me out there and for some reason I am, I just don’t I am able to be there for the most part, and the other part of this that I think is, really important is that you know I hold myself to the level of perfection and I fall short of it so much with my parenting that it really rocks me in moments like this, I think it’s as much as to do with that, and yeah of course you know we talked about on the way back, and we ended up making steps forward, and he made suggestions about what would make it more enjoyable for him and it was those simple things, dad I just want to go out and have fun, I have a blast with you when there is not a lot of pressure to make sure we get one, or you know it’s okay if I break a stick and he goes and you know we’ve talked about before he and I, and I have gotten better and I have been conscientious, but I am still fall short of perfection and it really gets me on this, you know being honest and in some ways it’s helpful to know Russ that you know, you struggled with that as well, and I don’t know what is it, what is it in us, is it that we are so driven to succeed that when our success kind of lent to another one that happens to be there, I mean I remember even hunting with my mom and be in shot with her before, I don’t know what that energy comes from but I am ashamed of it, I wish it would go away and I could just not have the stakes be so high, I don’t get it, do you relate to that at all, or am I unique in that?

Russ: No, not at all I asked [indiscernible][00:08:35] we relate to it I mean I am constant in touch my best friend, kind of make a correction in a, you know action [indiscernible][00:08:44], and I have this questions in my head, you are not [indiscernible][00:08:44]alone, and I think it has a lot to do with her very competitive spirit, and more because [indiscernible][00:09:00] reality is in fact, we are there to step away from the answer, no you are not alone.

Marc: Yeah, well I don’t know I find this stuff really interesting, it’s the next evolution is of our hunting prowess, I believe is where we share it, and I think essentially that’s the final evolution, [indiscernible][00:09:24]hunters is where we get our own selfish stuff out of the way, so that we can be there for somebody else to share that gift with, with a heavy opportunity and embrace it in the love [indiscernible][00:09:38] that we did, I mean I know that [indiscernible][00:09:40]the outdoors and found that Get Go, I was an insane maniac, and that’s all I wanted to do, and I knew you are the same way that the stories, you know one of the stories that you and I relate to so well, is that I think you and I literally have hundreds and hundreds of hours spotting and stalking grasshoppers with our BB guns right?

Russ: Absolutely.

Marc: And the trophies were the Big brown and orange ones and I shot at them in the air for years, knowing that I had only hit like one or two ever but it didn’t matter I tried every time, every time.

Russ: Now I remember that [indiscernible] [00:10:22] so anything that proved to be a target, and it allows you to think…

Marc: The sting bugs make me laugh you are right I mean it was anything that basically [indiscernible] [00:10:44]you know back in the day, so yeah you know so how does that relate to our children, how do we, you know because you and I both have sons that like to hunt, but I don’t think love to, like we used to, do you think and you know and I am wondering if that’s for me part of the angst, part of the part that makes me grumpy is that I am like, dude I wouldn’t never wind about that, I wouldn’t never, you know it like buck up I mean I wouldn’t never not gone scouting, I would have been hystatic and [indiscernible] [00:11:22]down my dad’s door to take me scouting let alone me feeling like I am dragging my son along sometimes, it did, do you think there’s some of that, that plays in?

Russ: Oh yeah I think that’s a big majority of it unlike you I remember you know being so upset [indiscernible] [00:11:42] my boys in the, you know not the big, you know Jess is much more into a loop, just really he is and he can take or leave it, and we have to just realize that there’s a small handful of people in the world, mind you I am still a firm believer that we are born you know my guess is looking at it, [indiscernible] [00:12:00] made of American standard there’s the hunter, there’s the gathers, there’s the [00:12:12]and you and I are definitely the Hunters, hunter gatherers in the cycle of life, so it’s something that’s instilled in the life I truly believe that inside here from a very young age the lessons we learned and our kids might not be there, you know I think we need to be so fortunate that they do want to go and experience that one [indiscernible] [00:12:34]after you are about to make a fun that’s when you come down to..

Marc: Yeah, yeah well I just really appreciate you are [indiscernible] [00:12:44] as a guy you know I got to be honest sometimes, I am kind of like a guy girl when I get my world rocked, which today did, I think for multiple reasons just feeling kind of ashamed that you know being on Jaken’s ass while we are out there, and then the other one, you know just feeling like a [indiscernible] [00:13:05] had to be wounded for me to learn a lesson, and then in some ways same for Jaken, Jaken kind of had to have that, but I will look back in my wounding experiences and because they hit me hard in my heart, I learnt from him and I think Jaken learn from that.

Russ: Cool.

Marc: Alright thank you and that did help me truly I do feel better thank you.

Russ: Yeah and you are, you are not alone now and I am always kicking myself in the ass [indiscernible][00:13:29] why the shit did I jump on him fast, I was hoping to he should make it on one form, you know both of them.

Marc: Yeah.

Russ: And then I think in the end we feel like you know excess will supersede and in reality we have to realize that the whole experience supersedes everything success or not you know, and I think it’s important I am sure you are the same way it’s almost like it is stepping back because early on, you know and both know what was the most important thing, you get that fucking big [indiscernible] [00:14:10], right well it’s not the case and we are not there where we were, I think was in and so you know I don’t think [indiscernible][00:14:18] a normal or whatever managed part of the part of the process, and I think we need to have to concentrate on showing them the most [indiscernible][00:14:32] roses, which I guarantee you and I both took a lot of years to smell the rose and in fact again that’s part of their evolution you know.

Marc: It is yeah I know I can relate to the fact that I have been so intensely fishing or hunting, for you know hours in a row that I look up and see us a view that if I just were to looked up I would have seen one of the tremendous views I ever could have before and I go Holy crap that was just a matter of raising my glands 20 degrees and I would have noticed it, and I didn’t notice it for 5 hours, right because I was so intent into what I am doing and I guess that’s that part of you know somebody that’s with us when we are in that kind of zone, and they break that branch that we just work super hard to miss every single one for the last 5 hours, it’s like crap.

Russ: Well you and I both know that [indiscernible][00:15:34] to spoil the day.

Marc: Right.

Russ: [indiscernible] [00:15:39], many don’t realize that and they are not done and [indiscernible] [00:15:41] learn the hard work, if you know that’s the truth, [indiscernible] [00:15:43] brains they got to learn a whole [00:15:45]

Marc: Sure.

Russ: We can’t help refuse the hard way.

Marc: Yeah for sure, alright anyway well I appreciate the time, thanks so much and you know as a Podcast Outdoors International we looked to be real, and talk about the real stuff and the hard stuff, and sometimes that means you know we were like a family in this company and that may be Russ calling me about [indiscernible] [00:16:11] and you know I was just talking about the real stuff that it is real [indiscernible] [00:16:15] is honors, and so there you go, hope you enjoyed it. Outdoors International signing out ….


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