Sable Hunting in South Africa

Sable are among the most beautiful and popular plains game species.

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Usually a sable hunt is part of a plains game package, but often they are combined with or upgraded to a buffalo hunt. It makes sense to do it this way as your day fees are already taken care of. Get more information »

With 50 years combined experience, the hunt is conducted under strict and responsible rules, and we pride ourselves in our high standards and hunting ethics.”

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Hunting Season
Sable hunting in South Africa is best between April and October as the weather is dryer, cooler, and more pleasant. The visibility is also better this time of year.

Hunting Method
Sable hunting is done by spot-and-stalk and tracking. You will often spot them from the safari vehicle, but hunting is not done from the vehicle. Expect to do some walking on your hunt. It is also possible for bowhunters to hunt them over water because they are daily drinkers.

Sable are wary, have good eyesight and sense of smell, and are remarkably tough and resilient. Good shot placement is required. Sable can also be very aggressive if they are wounded, and extreme caution should be used when you are approaching a downed animal.

Sable hunts are guided 1-on-1, plus trackers.

Success Rate
One of the benefits of South Africa is that there is a 100% success rate on your safari.

Sable are absolutely beautiful. On my first Safari here I saw a LOT of big bulls and they are high on my wishlist for my next hunt.” -Cory Glauner

Matt Helbling with his 42.5" trophy sable
Matt Helbling with his 42.5″ trophy sable

Trophy Quality
You will be hunting old mature sable bulls that will be a minimum of 38″. Bulls up to 45″ have been taken on our hunting concessions.

Other Available Game
It is common to add other Plains game to your sable hunting safari, but you can also upgrade your safari and hunt lion, leopard, cape buffalo or elephant. If you upgrade your hunt, or want to combo your sable hunt with a dangerous game animal, it is advisable to hunt at least 10 days.

Travel, food and lodging for this hunt

Your PH will pick you up at the Johannesburg airport and all transportation will be taken care of from that point on. They will meet you as you exit the plane and walk you to the rifle permit office to retrieve your gun. You will also be driven back to the airport at the end of your safari. You will feel safe and taken care of for your entire hunt.


(208) 867-6675

5-Star Lodge Accommodations
You will stay at hand picked concessions that offer both exceptional sable/plains game hunting and lodging. Here are a few examples of the lodging. All will be similar.
The lodge Chacma Safaris lodge

Lodge Ensuit single bedroom Ensuite double bedroom Dining room The swimming pool Landscaping at the lodge Lodge Kids playing pool in the bar

South African ‘Boere’ Cuisine
The food is South African ‘Boere’ (local) with a touch of European. Expect lots of meat, vegetables, and fruit, all complimented by a variety of South African wines. You will eat a hearty breakfast, usually come back to the lodge for lunch, and then a nice dinner at night. Prior to dinner, you will lounge around the fire pit or in the bar talking about the days hunt and tomorrows plans. You will feel at ease with the staff, who treats you, not as a client but, as a friend.

Breakfast in the lodge Breakfast Cheers Wine at sunset Talking about the days hunt over dinner Table of food Roast South African food Dinner after a long day of hunting african chef

Hunt Reports for this outfitter:

If you have gone on a hunt with one of our outfitters, please submit a hunt report.

  • Outfitter Report - Africa was good to this German hunter
    It has been a good start to our season. We just dropped off our first hunter, who was from Germany at the airport. He had a great Safari here in South Africa, taking a nice buffalo, sable, nyala, zebra and blesbuck.
    [Read more...]

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Testimonials from hunters who have hunted with this outfitter:

I went from being on top of the world, to the pit of despair in about 1.5 seconds. Suddenly I could hear Botes’ (our PH) voice cutting through the fog of disbelief and utter horror, saying “nock another one, nock another one, you got this.” When I snapped out of it I realized the big […]

There’s not one bad thing I could say about this South Africa safari. The hunting was off the hook, with LOTS of game. The people were great, the PH’s were fun, friendly, and professional. The food was spectacular, as was the lodging. It was the trip of a lifetime for me and my son. Cory […]

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Custom gear list for this South Africa safari:

  • Good quality pocket size binoculars.
  • Hat for the Africa sun.
  • Ammunition carrier or belt.
  • Multi-purpose knife or leatherman tool.
  • Flashlight and batteries.
  • Earplugs.
  • Sling and cleaning kit.
  • Good quality camera and plenty of batteries.
  • Universal adapter for video equipment.
  • We suggest the following clothing list:

  • Warm neutral coloured jacket or sweater
  • 1 or 2 pairs good walking boots, well broken in to prevent blisters ruining your safari
  • Casual clothing and shoes for around camp
  • Sun hat/cap – we suggest a sunscreen

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