Sidewinder Evo Rangefinder Tether

Features of the Sidewinder Evo Rangefinder Tether:

Built on the overwhelming success of the SideWinder, the Evo Rangefinder Tether is the next generation of retractable gear deployment systems. The SideWinder EVO is the outdoor enthusiast’s solution to dropped, lost or hard to access gear no matter what terrain is being tackled.

S4 GFear Sidewinder Evo Rangefinder Tetherrangefinder tetherTether Pad locks electronics securely in place with our proven double-sided 3M adhesive interface. Optional provisions are included for added security.
Kevlar Cable is quiet and virtually bulletproof; 36″ cable length offers a wide range of motion.
LeverLock Belt Clip solidly locks the SideWinder EVO and your device in place.
Over-Molded Coupling Post ensures a silent hook-up between the tethered device and EVO.
Rotating Mounting System offers 8 different mounting positions.
Quick Detach instantly releases tethered device with a single movement.
Industrial Strength Security Strap wraps tightly around nearly any device, no matter the shape.

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What Our Pro Staff Thought About S4 Gear Sidewinder Evo:

We just got home from an early archery elk hunt in Idaho. The S4 Gear Sidewinder Evo rangefinder tether performed very well with the exception of the belt clip. Cory had a few problems getting it to lock down to his hunting pack, but after a few attempts he finally got it securely attached. He thinks that he would rather go with the “regular” Sidewinder as opposed to the Evo. Marc on the other hand, had no problems at all with the Evo. Watch the video below to see it in action.

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Sidewinder Evo Rangefinder Tether
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  1. Cory Glauner says

    PRODUCT REVIEW: S4 Gear's Sidewinder Evo.
    The SideWinder EVO is the outdoor enthusiast’s solution to dropped, lost or hard to access gear.

  2. Cory Glauner says

    I've been playing with attaching the sidewinder rangefinder tether to my bow sling. So far, I'm liking how that works.

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