Roe Deer Hunting in Hungary

Hungary is the best place for Roe Deer hunting in the world!

Roe Deer hunting in HungaryRoe deer hunting in Hungary is world-famous. The challenge is not to shoot a smaller buck too early. Just be patient and you will find a big buck.

“This Outfitter, is a 10 on a scale of 1-10 for Roe deer hunting, as well as hare, dove and pheasant hunting!! There is no other place in the world that you can hunt Roe Deer on this scale of numbers and quality.”
~ Ricky Mills

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There are more and more hunters who like connecting roe hunting with their summer holiday, flavored with a boar hunt on the stubble-field. Whatever you like, be it a relaxing holiday, stunted bucks to be shot or roes with surroyal crowns, we shall find the proper hunting-ground for you.” ~Outfitter

We recommend that the serious bowhunter take archery gear and try their skills on the ground against this deer. The sheer number of roe deer in the area lends itself to one exciting day of bowhunting. It is literally one deer after another. Roe deer respond positively to calling during the rut, 15 July – 15 Aug, and the ability to spot, call and maneuver on a buck for the shot is a ton of fun.

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Roe Deer hunting in HungaryRoe Deer Hunting Season:
Mid-April through September

Plains. High grass, sunflowers and corn. Apple and plum orchards. Ditches etc. Marijuana grows naturally in Hungary. It is a weed and hunters will encounter it like any other weed you would find in a crop field.

Hunting Method
Hunting is stalking in Hungary. We would drive to an area and then the driver would drop us off and we would begin stalking. The guide was very good at judging the size of the trophy in the field. Shooting distances ranged from 15 to 200 yards. Typical range was 100-150 yards.

Make sure you work out the details of your hunting preferences on day 1 with a translator and your guide. Would you rather drive in the vehicle until you spot a deer and then stalk from there or drive to a point and get out and still hunt until you spotted a deer to begin your stalk?

Success Rate:
100%, High, It was like hunting rabbits more than hunting deer.

Trophy Quality:
Excellent to good. Ages up to 7-8 years. The Roe Deer begins to degenerate after a certain point and will either get larger and go non-typical or the antlers can actually start to get smaller. Europeans pride themselves on harvesting bucks that have character. Same as a whitetail, there are typical and non-typical scales for measuring the antlers.

** Hunter’s need to be forewarned and prepared for the ground shrinkage associated with hunting the Roe Deer. The first time they walk up on their harvest they will be very un-impressed with the size of the deer itself. This is another species of deer. After a day or so of hunting this game though, you start to realize how awesome this deer is to hunt.


Guides do not speak English. Some understand a little German but communication is mostly by hand gestures after leaving the lodge. Translators can be coordinated. The facility manager speaks very good English and can be used daily to communicate with your guide prior to departing or at any point in the day.

Double rooms with bathroom/shower, not fancy but nice and clean. Refrigerator in common area. Tables and chairs in common area. Boot washing station for washing large chunks of mud off of boots before entering barracks. Televisions available in some rooms with cable. Only English channel is CNN. The food is excellent and there is plenty of it.

Map of HungaryTravel:
Located two hours East of Budapest. Shuttle service from Budapest is available.

Trucks of all kinds (4 door Land Rover, Ford Ranger to Toyota). With seats in the back and without. Great for hunters that must hunt from a vehicle (with seats and shooting rest). Vehicles in good repair with good off-road tires (BF Goodrich). Drivers were good overall, some better than others.

Available Game:
Wild boar, driven pheasants and dove hunting is available. Good fishing can also be found here.

Pheasant numbers are amazing. While walking in the field we were constantly kicking up pheasants. They annually harvest 150,000 pheasants.

All part of the package, included in the cost. All licensing and insurance purchase will be taken care of there. If you have hunting insurance, you should bring a copy with you. Bring a copy of your stateside hunting license and hunter’s safety card. If bringing weapons, you will need to coordinate a European Union Weapons pass. Not hard to do once you figure out the system.

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  1. Robert Mann says

    Forst Hungaria Zt. is an exceptional outfitter! The quality of the game (Roe deer and pheasant) and the performance of the hunting guides and the entire Hunting team is A+. I will return again this year for another exciting hunting experience on the Hungarian Plains.


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