SPECIAL PRICE: Red Stags The Monsters of Middle Earth

Hunting Red Stags in New Zealand

If you are anything like me and the rest of the crew here at OI, you dream of hunting huge roaring Red Stags and beautiful bull Tahr in the land of Middle Earth.

There is just something about New Zealand that beckons to those of us who seek adventure who have a deep love for the ever shrinking number of truly wild, rugged and remote places in which to pursue our hunting passion. I am also sure that many of you (myself included) believe that these dream hunts are just that a dream! Well, you will be surprised to learn, that a dream hunt in New Zealand isn’t nearly as expensive as you might think, not to mention there are very few places on this earth where you can chase prehistoric sized Red Stags, Tahr and Chamois, all on the same trip, outside of New Zealand.

Check out this New Zealand Special!

Red StagsWe are very fortunate here at OI to work with one of the best outfitters in the business, especially when it comes to taking giant Stags and tremendous Tahr. This operation is known for producing record book stags while providing hunters with the experience of a lifetime.

He has actually made a special available just for us and our clients. It is an awesome 7 day combo hunt for a Red Stag and a Tahr for $8500.

This hunt would be comparable to a combo hunt for 340+ Bull Elk and 170+ mule deer, but for less money and with way nicer lodging than you will usually find in the states. Not to mention you will have the chance to explore some of the most amazing scenery you will find on this planet. But, don’t kid yourself into thinking that it will be easy. This is still very much hunting and you and your equipment need to be ready. You will want to train for a Stag hunt like you would an elk hunt and you want to prepare for Tahr like you would a mountain goat.

If you are interested in this trip, let us know as we only have openings for 2 groups of 4 at this price. Drool over some of these photos (I know I do) and then remember there are no guaranteed tomorrows, so if this hunt is on your bucket list, let us help you make it a reality. If you need help with gear recommendations let us know.” ~Shad

tahr huntingFor a trip like this you will want to make sure you have good solid gear and clothing.

We personally test, use and recommend Kryptek Gear for your layering system, Kenetrek Boots – as your feet can make or break your hunt, Rock Solid and Target Accurate Black Gold sights (for you bow hunters) and based on your build an your needs we can help you find the perfect pack, optics and rifles. www.gothuntsgear.com


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