Red Stag Hunting in Scotland

Red deer hunting in Scotland is an awesome hunting experience!

Red stag hunting in Scotland on multiple estates within a 20 minute drive of Kingussie, Scotland.

Trophy red stag

A fine Red Stag from Scotland

Hunting is fair chase for 100% wild, free ranging red stags. You will be hunting (stalking) in both open moorland and mountainous terrain.

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Our red stag hunting area in Scotland covers over 20,000 acres. We have it all for our clients including driven pheasant and partridge shooting from 50 to 500 birds.”

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Glassing for red stag in Scotland

Red stag hunting in Scotland is a once in a life time experience and we both highly recommend it. If you have never heard the roar of the red stag across the highlands then you are missing out on an awesome hunting experience. ~ Mat Cervantes

Hunting Season:
Red deer hunting in Scotland takes place July through October.

You will be hunting in the Grampian Mountain range of the Scottish Highlands, near the Cairngorms National park. Rolling Mountains, but they are not too steep, with heather ground cover and soggy moors.

Red Deer Hunting Method
When you are red deer hunting in Scotland, you can expect to do a lot of walking to glassing points where you will look for a good stag. Once a good one is found, a stalk will be made to within shooting distance.

Success Rate:
When you are hunting in Scotland, the success rate is high. Finding Red Deer is not a problem on this hunt.

Red stag hunting in ScotlandTrophy Quality:
The trophy quality of red deer in Scotland is excellent to good. Red Stags in Scotland do not get as large as in Argentina or mainland Germany and Hungary as there are fewer minerals and the weather is harsh.

Guides (Stalker), and helpers (Ghillie) use high-end spotting scopes and binoculars. They are very professional game managers with friendly a demeanor. They wear matching estate tartan tweed suits and ties, as gentlemen. They are very happy to help as long as you don’t pressure them for the biggest trophy. A good tip is up to 50 pounds and a good bottle of whiskey if you shoot a very nice stag.

Lodging can either be separate or part of a package. Our hunters usually chose a 5-star bed and breakfast in the next town over (roughly $100 a night.)

This red stag hunt is in the Central Highlands of Scotland, two hours from the International Airport in Edinburg. Our hunters usually fly into Edinburgh and rent a car, and sight see in England, Whales, and Ireland before driving to Scotland.

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Available Game:
This time of year you can hunt Red Stag; Sika Deer; Roe Buck; Muntjac; Chinese Water Deer; Driven Grouse; Partridge; Pheasant; Woodcock and Snipe; Ducks and Geese; Rabbit and Brown Hare.

Physical Fitness Required
This hunt can be tough. The terrain is steep in some areas, but the outfitter has many options to place you based on your abilities. Most hills are gently sloping.

All tags and permits are included in the cost and handled by the outfitter. No one is required to have any license or safety course prior. Just prove you can shoot by qualifying on the bottom of the hill.

Rifle Import
Import of your rifle is handled by the outfitter or you can use theirs for no extra charge. The Estate rifles are all high end; Saur, Sako etc with Swarovski scopes. The minimum caliber is a .243 with 100 grains.

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  1. says

    Red stag hunting in Scotland, especially in the rut of late September to early October while the stags roar across the highlands is truly magical.
    You can even hunt other deer like Sika or Roe.
    Because the meeting times for the day are after 8AM and usually can be back before dinner each day, it’s a great hunt to bring a friend or loved one; even non hunters have a great time sightseeing and shopping nearby.

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