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Quebec Barren Ground Caribou Hunting
We’re not selling you a stay in camp – we’re selling you the ultimate caribou hunting trip.
For over 25 years this Quebec caribou hunting Outfitter has provided caribou hunters with the best access to North America’s most substantial caribou herds: the Leaf River and the George River herds.

This outfitter runs his camps like a fine oiled machine. Fishing, black bear and small game hunting during these trips is off the hook, and free of charge.

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There are two caribou hunting packages offered by this outfitter:

  • Basic Caribou Hunting Package
  • All Inclusive Platinum Caribou Hunting Package
    Includes: license, airfare from ANY international airport in US, hotel, meat processing, special airline packaging for trophies.

The caribou hunting season runs August through early October and they have departures every single day between those dates. Whatever date you choose you can use rifle, bow or muzzle loaders or even use a different weapon for each caribou.

Fishing, Bear and small game hunting during these trips is free of charge.
*except for any necessary licenses.

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From the moment you arrive in Montreal. From there, our Outfitter handles everything. We strongly suggest you book your hometown flight to Montreal with them, this way you will save!

With 30+ camps throughout the hunting territory, only nine to twelve of their camp sites are in use at any given time. In this way, they can offer caribou hunters greater mobility and a wider selection than any other outfitter in the region. To make sure they send you to a place where their are caribou, they only assign you to a camp on the morning you arrive in Kuujjuaq. Enjoy hot showers and great meals on your caribou hunt! Cooks prepare your meal to match your appetite. At every camp, boats, motors, and the equipment you need is waiting for you.

quebec labrador caribou hunting in QuebecAll Quebec Caribou Hunts Include:

  • All shuttles from airport to hotel, hotel to airport.
  • FREE parking under hourly surveillance in Montreal or Plattsburg for the duration of your hunt.
  • Transportation from Plattsburg to Montreal.
  • One overnight accommodation in Montreal on the way up. Customer met at hotel by Outfitter representative.
  • Air transportation by jet service, Montreal to Kuujjuaq and return.
  • Customer met at the Kuujjuaq airport by staff member.
  • Air transportation to hunting site/return by Twin Otter or float plane.
  • Free lodging in Kuujjuaq if necessary.
  • Tent cabin with plywood floor or more.
  • Separate cabin with toilets and hot water showers.
  • Motor, boat and fuel.
  • All terrain vehicle (where needed).
  • Satellite telephone communications.
  • One guide for every three (3) hunters.
  • All meals at camp prepared by cook.
  • Screen storage house for game.
  • Meat Packaging.
  • Meat boxes for transporting game.
  • Transportation of game and two (2) split antlers to Montreal.
  • Help with game at the airport in Montreal.
  • Cold storage for game on return to Montreal.
  • All applicable Canadian taxes.
  • Free return trip if no opportunity to harvest a mature Bull.

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