Quebec Caribou Hunting

This is a first class Quebec caribou hunting outfitter.

Quebec Caribou Hunting Guides and OutfittersYou will be hunting the famous George River Herd, and Leaf river Herd in the tundra of northern Quebec, Canada.

This outfitter is focused on quality, so they have kept their operation fairly small. Most caribou hunting outfitters run their operations like a factory, just shoving hunters through the system. With 21 hunting camps, their hunting territory almost covers the entire migration pattern of the George River Herd and the Leaf River Herd.

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Quebec Caribou Hunting Season and Information
Hunting Caribou in Quebec, CanadaDepending on the caribou hunting package you choose, you could be hunting anytime from June through September. Caribou can be a great way to start your hunting season.

In September, temperatures should be between 40° to 50°F during daytime, sometimes with wind. After mid-September, there may be some snow, wind and/or cold rain. Dress warmly and do not forget gloves and warm waterproof boots.

Caribou are constantly on the move and your key to success is mobility so you can intercept the migration. This is where hiring a good outfitter comes in. If the caribou aren’t cooperating, you have two options: move to another camp, or charter one of the outfitters’ float planes to fly you to the herd daily. *ask one of our agents for details.

Quebec Caribou Hunting Packages

The Québec Labrador Caribou is always on the move
VIP Deluxe Caribou Hunting Package
This is a full service, high quality caribou hunting package based out of nicer lodging. The outfitters’ staff will go above and beyond to make your hunt a success.
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The Adventure Caribou Hunting Package
This is also a full service, high quality, low hunter pressure caribou hunting package. The difference between this package and the VIP package is that your accommodations will be comfortable but primitive, usually tents, in a very remote location. This hunt is for the hunter who wants to get away from the crowds and focus on finding a trophy bull or two.
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Quebec Caribou Hunting Outfitter

I have been caribou hunting several times. This was the best. The camp was beautiful, the people were warm and friendly, and the food was excellent . I will recommend this outfitter to anyone I meet who wants to go to Quebec caribou hunting. It was a great trip.” ~T. Goodrich

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
The success rates on these Quebec caribou hunts are very high. Typically close to 100% on most years. Trophy quality is also very good, in fact the World Record Quebec Labrador Caribou came out of the George River Herd.

Combo Opportunities
fishing in Quebec
Hunters usually purchase a black bear license in addition to a caribou for their hunt. If a black bear is harvested, there is a small trophy fee. Fishing and ptarmigan hunting is included in the cost of your hunt.

Caribou hunting out of Kuujjuaq, Quebec CanadaTravel
Once you arrive in Montreal, you will need to take a two-hour flight to Kuujjuaq. The outfitter provides a parking space with security for your vehicle at Montreal.

Upon arrival in Kuujjuaq, you will be taken to your camp or lodge in a Twin Otter. The flight will take between 40 and 80 minutes depending on where you will be caribou hunting from.

*A detailed travel itinerary will be provided by your Quebec caribou hunting outfitter upon booking.

Hunting License
You will need a non-resident caribou tag, and many hunters also purchase black bear, small game, and fishing licenses as well. You will also need a valid passport to enter Canada, and no past DWI convictions or any other criminal offenses. Bringing your hunting rifle into Quebec, actually isn’t that difficult. You just need to fill out a Firearm Declaration Form.

Quebec caribou hunting lodge
This Quebec caribou hunting outfitter has invested heavily in their accommodations and camps. They have 21 hunting camps across their hunting area ranging from full service lodges to rustic outpost camps. The main camps all have hot running water, electricity, indoor toilets and showers. Main hunting camps also have full service kitchen and dining areas where French Canadian cuisine is served. Outpost or satellite camps have fully equipped kitchens, and common sleeping and gathering areas with wood stoves or oil heaters. Camps also have a satellite phone for emergencies.

Our goal is to get you to the caribou comfortably and safely, and our hunts have a very high success rate. No one can guarantee success, but we have the staff and the equipment that many outfitters don’t have. We guarantee to give you an honest effort and to do our best to make sure that you have a productive and satisfying caribou hunt with us”

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