Possible Nebraska State Record Whitetail

This will probably be the new Nebraska state record whitetail according to the warden. It will be pictured in Nebraska Land Magazine.

Possible Nebraska State Record Whitetail
Possible Nebraska New State Record
The hunter that shot this huge Nebraska buck is only in his mid 20’s. A guy around 60 congratulated him and told him to cherish this because he has never seen anything like it in his years of hunting whitetails.

I don’t care if he doesn’t get any records. He’s amazing to me.”

The 38-point whitetail generating the buzz was shot Saturday by a 24-year-old Texan hunting on private land in Richardson County, Nebraska. On Wednesday, Wes O’Brien told the Journal Star his trophy has received a preliminary score of 281.

Possible Nebraska State Record Whitetail
This whitetail buck was shot about 30 miles from Fall City, Nebraska

O’Brien came hunting in Nebraska with a friend of his who knew a landowner who gave them permission to hunt his land. Other than a nonresident license, he paid no fees for hunting access.

Deer hunting in Nebraska is a bit of a sleeper, but hunters are becoming aware of the trophy potential there. It is fairly easy to get a tag, especially for bowhunters. We have some very cool hunts available in Nebraska, including a whitetail antelope combo hunt that is surprisingly affordable. If you would like more information on hunting in Nebraska, just fill out the form below.



    1. Jeremy Hoefs says

      That deer was an absolute monster! I hunt some land near the property where it was shot. My buddy actually had a couple trail cam pics from about 2 days before it was shot. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime buck.

    2. Teresa Schroder Weaver says

      Was that this year? It seems like this picture keeps coming up every year around hunting time? This is a BEAUTIFUL looking buck, but just curious.

    3. Charlie Findley says

      Deer hunting in Nebraska used to be a sleeper. Until the EHD hit and whipped most of them out, that along with the shitty managing practices they have. Nice deer to bad Nebraska makes tags so readily available to nonresidents to come in and shoot! Idiots.

    4. Tamra Naylor Lemmon says

      The whitetail is still from NEBRASKA! Makes me wonder how much they may have paid just to hunt here! We have received some big $ offers by out-of-staters to hunt on our land, but so far have refused ~

    5. Gloria Strickland-Harmon says

      My family so appreciates your refusal ! ! ! It is getting hard to be a local hunter to hunt NE lands around our homes without traveling . . . My 10 year old grandson is so enjoying his hunting experience ! ! !

    6. says

      just to bad it was some guy from out of state that shot this buck and i hate the fact that the word is getting out that nebraska does have great buck means we will keep geting more idiots from out of state coming in and hunting we need to save these bucks for our residents is the way i feel hunt the deer in your own state

    7. Brian McKenna says

      Being that it's considered a non-typical class rack, it loses some of it's record lustre but still an awesome rack nonetheless.

    8. says

      I think that it sounds as if Nebraska is upset that a landowner didnt make a monetary gain on this deer. What did it matter that the hunter had only a license to buy? Why does everything in the world have to turn a dollar???

      • the truth says

        The reason the land owner did not get paid is because he poached it off of private land. He walked off of the land my grandmother leases to the state for public hunting and shot this deer on the adjacent property. Thus, he poached it. No congrats for a classless hunter from Texas.

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