Podcast #19 – Aoudad Hunting Tips & Tactics

Learn how to hunt aoudad, their funny habits and why they are a critter worth putting on your bucket list. Listen in as Tom, one of our Premier Outfitters, and Marc discuss Aoudad hunting strategies, the gear that you will need, and what makes this particular hunt one you need to do.

Learn a lot about hunting aoudad sheep in this podcast.

Download our podcast on iTunesTom is a born and bred Idaho sheep and deer nut. GotHunts.com’s Marc Warnke, recognized Tom exceptional skill while he was on an archery elk hunt in Idaho with him, and set him up on a ranch in West Texas where he thrives as our best Aoudad Sheep Outfitter.

  • Watch our Aoudad Hunting Video.
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  • Aoudad-Hunting-Video-Thumbnail West Texas Aoudad

    West Texas Aoudad Aoudad Hunting in West Texas

      Start Planning Your Hunt

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