Plains Game Hunting in Namibia

Plains Game Hunting in Namibia

Plains game hunting in Namibia can be less expensive than a Safari in South Africa.

If you are ok with simpler (but adequate) lodging, Namibia may be for you. You will stay in a farm house with the owners of the farm, and the hunting will be exceptional.

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Mat Cervantes with a great kuduThis place is a gem. You will have over 100,000 acres of private land available to hunt plains game.

All of the game on this farm is born on the farm. This is not a “put and take” operation.
-Mat Cervantes

Mat Cervantes with a great gemsbok
They own 14k acres in the back yard with 100k acres in concessions and are a family business that speak 5 languages.
Great honest people who specialize in spot and stalk bow hunting.

  • 4th generation, family owned and operated
  • Cozy family friendly atmosphere
  • Swimming pool
  • Clean and safe former German colony
  • Over 100,000 acres available to hunt
  • Specializing in Spot-and-Stalk archery hunts
  • Unique San Bushman guide option for $50 extra a day!

Plains Game Hunting In Namibia

What to expect when hunting in Namibia:

Hunting Season in Namibia is February through November. The landscape is breathtaking open Savannah, dry rivers, huge Maroela trees, and a Palm-like landscape.

The Professional Hunter is experienced with both rifle and bowhunting. Safaris are custom made to fit your personal goals for your Africa Safari!

Hunting takes place from hides and on “stalking walks” according to the hunter’s preference. Since emphasis is put on exclusivity and individual service, they only take a maximum of 4 hunters at a time (2 x 2 : 1).

Trophy quality is very good.
Most of the plains game taken on this hunting concession are gold medal trophies. There are many, many plains game species available to hunt, but this area is a paradise for Greater Kudu, Oryx, Eland, Zebra, Hartebeest, Blessbok, Warthog, Steenbok, Duiker, Damara Dik-Dik, and the Jackal.

All game animals are born and bred on the farm. They do not believe in “put and take” hunting nor in “canned” hunting and are proud to uphold the tradition of ethical fair-chase hunting.

Ready for a semi-DIY, high-adventure “primitive traditional” hunt?

Then how about a San Tribe adventure hunt in the bush?! Spend three to five days, just you and the tribesmen in the bush. Sleep, eat and hunt. High adventure. Very exclusive.

San Bushman trackers
San Bushman trackers
Experience an African Hunt in Namibia with the San bushmen to discover the secrets of the African Bush!

These very exclusive primitive hunts are semi-guided by the San Bushmen aren’t for everybody, but what and Adventure!


(808) 321-6063

The outfitter will meet you at the International Airport in Windhoek. You will travel by road to the farm in an air conditioned vehicle, giving you an opportunity to see some of the country.

Alternatively there are internal flights with Air Namibia 3 times a week to Rundu, which is a 2.5 hours drive from the hunting area.

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In addition to their hunting lodge, they have a rough camp, with luxury tents for all kinds of DIY hunting.” -Mat Cervantes

Main Lodge Accommodations
The main lodge is comfortable, with spotlessly clean rooms. Each bedroom has its own bathroom, and a laundry service is available daily on request. Enjoy very good home cooked meals.

Outback DIY Accommodations

The food was exceptional, and what we truly enjoyed is the fact that we could just be ourselves. Not having to worry about other hunters, as we had the place to ourselves- very relaxed and comfortable setting, and we truly felt “at home”. -Fandrich family

Hunting in Namibia

Here are a few trophy photos from this hunt.

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Hunt Reports from clients who’ve hunted with this outfitter:
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  • kudu Hunt Report – Fandrich Family in Namibia -
    Hunt Report - Fandrich Family Hunt in Namibia
    The food was exceptional, and what we truly enjoyed is the fact that we could just be ourselves. Not having to worry about other hunters, as we had the place to ourselves- very relaxed and comfortable setting, and we truly felt "at home".
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Custom gear list for this hunt

Light cotton hunting clothing and good comfortable shoes or boots, a hat and a good torch. Warm clothing for the months May to August as temperatures can drop to below 0º Celsius.

  • Travel documentation: Valid Pass Port
  • Airline ticket
  • Email the date and time of arrival
  • Inoculation if needed
  • Deposit paid and confirmed.
  • Traveler’s checks and enough cash
  • Certified copy of your Pass Port for the taxidermist
  • Made arrangement for the animals and all those left behind. Bills that have to be paid.
  • Camera; enough film; enough batteries for digital camera/laptops
  • Medication; also remember general medication you usually use when at home which you are familiar with.
  • Chopstick
  • Anti- malaria medication
  • Good sun screen lotion
  • Good moisturizer
  • Parker in Winter
  • Warm socks
  • Scarf, gloves
  • Wide brim hat
  • Camo clothing for the hunt
  • Good ankle boots/shoes that are very comfortable
  • Under wear, warm vest, T-shirts (it can be very cold at the back of a hunting vehicle and yet pleasant at home or in the hide)
  • Non-electrical savers as not all the hunting huts have electricity.
  • Good binocular
  • Good books to read
  • Good map of the country or a GPS chip. See Tracks 4 Africa
  • Please do not forget your Travel Insurance

  • Weapons and ammunition:
    Hand weapons (pistols & revolvers) as well as automatic weapons are prohibited. A good, safe and stable weapon case is a must to prevent damage to the weapon. A weapon license as well as a weapons owner’s certification is important. The following calibre’s riffles are recommended: 9.3×64; 375; 8×68; and a 300 Winchester 40 shot ammunition should be sufficient for a normal hunt.

  • Weapon
  • Weapon documentation needed
  • Ammo
  • Weapon travel case with locks
  • Weapon bag