Outfitter Report: Nebraska Pre Rut Deer Hunting

Here are two bucks taken in Nebraska during the archery pre rut deer hunting season this past week (11/8/2011) at our Red Cloud Ranch in south-central Nebraska. One was taken by the Outfitter with a compound bow spotting and stalking to 20 yards, and the other by our hunter Jim Sanchez from a ladder stand at 47 yards with his crossbow. These are two big ole bodied Nebraska bucks who were at the tops of our hit list in age structure.

Cody Kuck with a nice Nebraska whitetail
The Outfitters’ buck was a 8 year old post mature beast, who lost his right side G2 and right eye last year during a fight. He scored roughly 115″ which was no record book by any means, but still a mature whitetail. We had trail cam photos of him like we do 75% of these bucks years prior and just now had an encounter with him.

Nebraska whitetail
The buck that Jim Sanchez shot was a deer that walked in front of the trail camera the first time ever on November 1, 2011 at 7:42 a.m. We named him Quadracorn and estimated him to be 5 yrs old. We initially thought he had 2-3 main beams on his right side by looking at the picture. I saw this buck the morning before Jim shot him with his crossbow chasing 4-5 does in a creek bottom with all antlers still attached. Within 22 hours of me sighting him and Jim shooting him, he encountered a buck that broke 25″ of antler off of his right side which was what we had thought to be his 2nd or 2rd main beam. Upon investigation his main right main beam almost gave off a melting effect and grew down towards the right side of his right eye with 2 other non-typical tines estimated to contain a total length of 25″. Somewhere on our property we have both of those tines attached waiting to be found to make the trophy complete.

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The rut has kicked into full throttle right now and daytime buck activity is almost at its peak for the year. Hopefully the cooler weather makes itself at home and we can continue knocking one brute down after another.

Around 2 p.m. today we have 3 clients arriving from Grand Rapids, Michigan to hunt this Ranch for our 9 day Nebraska rifle season. The bigger buck in the Cuddeback cam pic (nicknamed Splitter) is one buck that we have encountered 3 times during archery season without a clean shot opportunity. I am guessing he might be meeting his maker here within the next 3-4 days if that. I have to go run some game cam lines this afternoon and tomorrow so we will update our inventory then. Rifle season is looking to be a great success this year with 6 other mature bucks on our hit list for this ranch anyhow. We have quite a few bucks that were around all summer and went into hiding after shedding velvet. The rut will get them back out and about and in front of the next client!

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