Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt Report

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunting

One of our hunters just got back from another successful wilderness, horseback Idaho mountain lion hunt. Conditions were rough because there was no snow. They rode lots of miles on the horses, but never could cut a fresh track on the dry ground. They found a lot of kills, but they were mostly wolf kills. Wolves and hounds don’t mix.

On the third evening of the Idaho mountain lion hunt, they finally got a little skiff of snow. The guides split up with one group going up a ridge and the other group stayed in the river bottom. All the first group found was a dead cow moose in the creek with a wolf eating it and some deer. They were training a new pup (Poncho) and had to have some “trashing” lessons. The other group and the hunter Earl were riding down the trail on the horses and they actually spotted a cougar above the trail. The guide wasn’t quite sure because spotting a mountain lion is a rare thing, so he told Earl that he was going to walk up and check it out. Sure enough, there were lion tracks! He turned loose his hounds Sue and Rosie and the chase was on. The lion went up and over a mountain and Earl couldn’t make it, so they walked down to the horses to ride up the trail. In the mean time, the first group heard dogs barking “treed” and their dogs took off in that direction. They got to the tree first and enjoyed about an hour of taking pictures and just having fun before they showed up. Earl liked what he saw and the hunt was over.

They saw a ton of game on this hunt. Hundreds of elk, lots of bighorn sheep, wolves, coyotes, mule deer and lots of bald eagles.

If you’re interested in a mountain lion hunt, inquire below:


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