Outfitter Report – Frank Church Wilderness Bear Hunt

Our spot-and-stalk spring black bear hunts are absolutely outstanding. The backdrop is a scenic camp deep in the Frank-Church River of No Return Wilderness.

Dana Farrell bear
Our first bear hunter was Dana Farrell. Dana is a seasoned journalist and actually brought this hunt to print both in the September 2014 issue of Western Shooting Journal and the 2014 CZ-USA annual catalogue.

The hunt proved to be amazing including encounters with multiple bears and wolves. Dana ended the hunt by harvesting a beautiful bear with a 225 yard shot across the river. In order to retrieve the bear we had to shimmy a slender tree draped over the roaring creek. What an adventure with a successful outcome and a great story to boot.

Our 2015 spring bear hunts will be far more diversified. In April and early May we will hunt spot and stalk in the Wilderness. From there we will move to another area where we will run bait hunts until the close of the season on June 15th. We have 10 bait permits and dense population of good boars of all colors.

Bear dogsWe can also run bear off of these baits with our five well trained bear and lion dogs. The spring bear hunt is an enjoyable, high opportunity hunt.

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