Outfitter Report – 2014 Wilderness Elk Hunting Season

This year we ran four hunters out of lower [No-Tellum] Creek. We killed four bulls, but only recovered three. This last week with Robert and Ryan Craigo we were on bulls every day. The two bulls we harvested were the smallest two bulls we saw during the hunt (that was not intentional!). We doubled up on day three, called in the bulls as a duo and shot them both at 125 yards. Awesome. What a difference a year and a different camp makes. Our lower camp is at 3,400 ft. The high camp is at 8,200 feet. We were finding these bulls at right about 6,000 feet. Awesome hunt, but peak physical fitness and the ability to hike in steep rugged terrain is a must.

Here are a few field photos:

Hope all is well and than you for everything.

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