Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting – Vessel Based

Vessel-based mountain goat hunts in Alaska’s Prince William Sound Alaska mountain goat hunting is the pinnacle of mountain hunting, and the best deal in big game right now! Alaska is the only state in the U.S. with guaranteed mountain goat tags, so come get your long-haired billy! This outfitter’s Alaska mountain goat hunting is conducted […]

Archery Antelope Hunts in Nebraska on Private Land

Hunt trophy bucks on 16,000+ acres of private land Trophy Nebraska antelope hunting on 16,000+ acres of private land. This is a bow hunt only — including crossbows — unless you are a Nebraska resident. Several members of the Outdoors International Pro Staff have antelope hunted here, and this Outfitter has our “stamp of approval.” […]

Blue Sheep Hunting in Nepal

Hunting blue sheep in Nepal

Trek or fly in a helicopter high into the Himalayas for Blue Sheep hunting in Nepal as well as Himalayan Tahr. In the lowlands wild boars and barking deer can be hunted too. There are a limited number of Blue sheep hunts allowed every year, so booking in advance is very important. The Dhorpatan Hunting […]

British Columbia Trophy Moose Hunt

British Columbia Trophy Moose Hunt
  • British Columbia Trophy Moose Hunt
  • Trophy 50 – 65 inch Bulls
  • 10-day Moose Hunts
  • Combo this Moose Hunt with Caribou
  • Combo with Mountain Goat
  • Sept. through mid-Oct.
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    Idaho and Wyoming Mountain Lion Hunting

    One of the hardest working guides in the business Wyoming mountain lion hunting in the mountains on the border of Southeastern Idaho and Western Wyoming. This area is known for consistently producing trophy mountain lions. “The outfitter and guides on this hunt are some of the best. Extremely hard working and their determination for success is unmatched.” […]

    Kamchatka Brown Bear Hunts

    russia kamchatka brown bear

    Kamchatka brown bear hunts have very high success rates! The Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia has the highest density of brown bears in the world. Kamchatcka brown bear hunts are good! This Kamchatka Brown Bear Hunts Outfitter offers both Spring and Fall Russia Brown Bear hunts on the Kamchatka peninsula. Both hunts are equally good, with […]

    Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo Hunts

    Marco Polo hunts with the most established Outfitter in Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan has become famous as a destination for Ibex and Marco Polo hunts near the Chinese border. Kyrgyzstan is the only place in the world to hunt for Marco Polo sheep. They are technically Karellini Argali, but Kyrgyzstan considers them to be Marco Polo sheep. […]

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    Mozambique Cape Buffalo and Plains Game Package


    Traditional African Safaris in Mozambique. Combine your trophy Cape Buffalo hunt with Plains Game. From the time of your arrival until your departure from Mozambique this Professional Hunter (PH) will ensure that your hunting experience is comfortable,exiting and rewarding. You will have the choice of either set packages or a standard daily rate with a […]

    Mozambique Cape Buffalo Hunt

    Cape buffalo hunting Safari in Mozambique Africa

    This Mozambique cape buffalo hunt can be fairly intense, but the trophy potential is worth the effort. There are some HUGE bulls in this area. The best hunting in Mozambique is found in the more remote areas, especially in the north near Tanzania and in the west, not far from Zimbabwe. These major hunting countries […]

    Mozambique Hippo Hunting / Crocodile Hunting Combo

    Mozambique Crocodile Hunting

    This Mozambique hippo hunting, crocodile hunting package takes place in the Zambezi Delta. A great side adventure to add to your Plains Game Safari or you can book this hippo hunting, crocodile hunting combination as a stand-alone safari.

    Plains Game South Africa / Cape Buffalo Cow Combo Package


    Ask about this Plains Game South Africa / Cape Buffalo Cow Combo » This Limpopo Province, South African plains game safari is top-notch. The outfitter has access to over 150,000 acres of privately owned hunting concessions throughout the Limpopo Province with all of the African plains game species available. He works with multiple PH’s (Professional […]

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    Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunting

    Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunting
  • Saskatchewan, Canada Black Bear Hunting
  • Spring and Fall Hunts
  • Hunt Black Bears Over Bait
  • Trophy Bears with 19-21″ Skulls
  • 95% Success Rate / 100% Opportunity Rate
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  • Trevor Brittingham Outfitter/Hunt Form