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Owned by Scott and Angie Denny, Table Mountain Outfitters offers great hunts in Wyoming for antelope, whitetail, mule deer, elk, mountain lion, black bear and bison.

Table Mountain Outfitters has access to thousands of acres of private and public land. They offer a fun, professional hunt and will work hard to help you have the hunt of a lifetime.

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Table Mountain is a Premier Outfitter and perform for our clients year after year.

They also have a show on the Sportsman Channel called THE LIFE at Table Mountain.
THE LIFE at Table Mountain tells the story of guiding almost 300 hunters to big game success each year.

“I’m excited to bring this compelling story to the Sportsman Channel audience because until now, viewers had no idea how much work really goes into guiding a hunter to filling his tag. THE LIFE at Table Mountain will not only showcase the hunts but also dive into the behind-the-scenes drama that takes place every day.” – Dave Watson, Producer and Editor

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*Be sure to check out their trophy galleries. They take some awesome animals every year.

*if you don’t see a hunt here that interests you, be sure to contact us so we can help you find one.

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“Thanks for making this hunt happen for me. Amazing people and a great hunt. Thanks Russ” Mark Erskine

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