Folding and Terminus Mountain Outfitters

Hunt in both the famous Toad River and Kechika River Drainages

We Specialize in Stone Sheep Hunts and Combination Hunts
Combination hunts can include stone sheep, mountain goat, elk, moose, mountain caribou, grizzly bear, black bear, and wolf. Everything required for a successful hunt is supplied, including guide, horses, and equipment.

The Toad River and Kechika river drainages have some of the best stone sheep areas and has produced many book rams. Elk continue to thrive, and are considered to be some of the largest in Canada, Moose, Caribou, and Mountain Goat are plentiful and are hunted in September and October with near 100% succes rate

Hunts Offered by Folding and Terminus Mountain Outfitters: