Oregon Deer Hunting for Trophy Mule Deer

This outfitter offers excellent trophy mule deer hunts in Oregon with a guaranteed draw system or landowner tags.

Oregon Deer Hunting for Trophy Mule DeerTrophy Oregon Deer Hunting during the mule deer rut on an 83,000 acre private ranch.

This Outfitter has intensively managed 83,000 contiguous acres of private land in Oregon for years, and his trophy quality is a reflection of his hard work and dedication.

Oregon is often overlooked by hunters who are looking for true trophy mule deer, but this outfitter has been able to consistently produce big mule deer between 165″ and 205″ and elk between 275″ and 350″ B&C.

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The ranch you will be hunting has a high population of deer. While scouting early this season, this Oregon deer hunting outfitter saw over 70 bucks in 3 hours. Once the season rolls around, the bucks do spread out, but you can still expect to see a lot of deer on your hunt.

Mule Deer Hunting in OregonHunting Season

  • Archery – August 24th to September 22nd
  • Rifle – September 28th to October 9th

    Note: These dates are for 2013 and may vary slightly from year to year.

Hunting Method
Spot-and-Stalk – These are typically full-day hunts with great food and tent lodging included.

Trophy Quality and Success Rates
This Oregon deer hunting outfitter carefully manages herd numbers and avoids harvesting anything other than fully mature animals. This allows for the natural maturation of trophy bucks in large numbers.

Mule Deer Hunting in OregonTravel
Hunters will fly into Pasco, Washington, located roughly 1.5 hours from the ranch. Hunters are responsible for getting themselves to the ranch, but special arrangements can be made if the outfitter is available. This outfitter scouts with his guides down to the hour of your arrival, giving you the absolute highest chance of success on a trophy animal.

Most mule deer hunts are conducted from comfortable tent camps based near the most promising hunting areas.

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