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Antelope Hunts
Filming a Utah antelope hunt

Bison Hunts
Utah Henry Mountain Buffalo Hunt

Bear Hunts
Alaska coastal brown bear hunting

  · Black Bear
  · Brown Bear
  · Grizzly Bear
  · Polar Bear

Caribou Hunts
caribou hunting

  · Arctic Island Caribou
  · Barren Ground Caribou
  · Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou
  · Mountain Caribou
  · Quebec-Labrador Caribou
  · Woodland Caribou

Deer Hunts
Marc Warnke - Hunting Consultant

  · Blacktail Deer
    *Columbia Blacktail, and Sitka Blacktail
  · Coues Deer
  · Mule Deer
  · Whitetail Deer

Elk Hunts
World Record SCI elk

  · Manitoban Elk
  · Rocky Mountain Elk
  · Roosevelt Elk
  · Tule Elk

Moose Hunts
trophy moose hunts

  · Alaska-Yukon Moose
  · Canada Moose
  · Shiras Moose

Mountain Lion Hunts
Wyoming Mountain Lion Hunting

Mountain Goat Hunts
Shad Wheeler with his World Record archery mountain goat.

Muskox Hunts
Trevor Brittingham and Jack Brittigham archery muskox

Sheep Hunts
British Columbia Stone Sheep

  · California Bighorn Sheep
  · Dall Sheep
  · Desert Bighorn Sheep
  · Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
  · Stone Sheep
  · *We have also included Aoudad Sheep in this list.

Predator Hunts
A beautiful wolf shot in Idaho

  · Bobcat
  · Coyote
  · Fox
  · Lynx
  · Wolf

Exotic Hunts
Scimitar Oryx Hunting

  · Aoudad
  · Hogs
  · more…

More Hunts…
Marc with an Idaho Rio Grande

  · Alligator
  · Turkey

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