New Mexico Elk Hunts

NM Hunting for elk on 55,000 acres of private ground

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This outfitter is located in the beautiful Sangre De Cristo Mountains in Northern New Mexico.”

What to expect when elk hunting in New Mexico:

New Mexico elk huntingNM Hunting Season
The archery elk hunts in New Mexico take place during the last few weeks of September, and the rifle hunts are scheduled during the first few weeks of October. This is an excellent time to hunt elk while they are still bugling in the rut and post rut, providing our customers with the best opportunity at harvesting a big mature bull.

*Later season elk hunts are available upon elk tag availability, and cow hunts are available in January (3 day hunts).

Hunting Units
These hunts take place in New Mexico Unit 46, and 48 in Northwest NM.

NM Hunting Method
A typical hunt will begin when the hunters arrive the day before the hunt. Hunters will arrive at the hunting lodge and will be given time to sight in their firearm (if time allows) followed with a home cooked traditional New Mexican meal. The hunt will begin with a warm breakfast as they travel to the private ranches to begin their hunt. Typically hunters will return to the lodge for lunch and rest before returning to the ranches for the evening hunt. At the end of the day, hunters will return to the lodge for a warm home cooked dinner.

NM hunting for elk
Elk Hunting Terrain in New Mexico
The terrain that will be hunted ranges from 6,500 to 7,000 feet in elevation with flats, rolling hills and small canyons with plenty of tree and brush cover. Temperatures during this period average between 30 degrees in the morning to upper 60’s in the afternoon.

Elk Hunting Terrain in New Mexico Elk Hunting Terrain in New Mexico Elk Hunting Terrain in New Mexico Elk Hunting Terrain in New Mexico

Included in the hunt price is the private land elk tag, 1 on 1 guide service, transportation while on the hunt, field care of harvested game, lodging, food, and caping of harvested animal.

Packing out an elk on horsesSuccess Rates and Trophy Quality
These ranches have excellent food sources and water that the elk consistently visit. These elk herds are resident elk herds. Hunting is limited annually to preserve trophy animals to ensure that the genetics of these bull elk remain strong. A majority of bulls within this area range between 300” and 350”.

The best bull they’ve taken here scored 384″ B&C.

80% success rate on elk rifle hunts with a 100% opportunity rate.

Difficulty of Hunt
Moderate difficulty… on a 1-10 Scale it’s a 4. Accommodations can be made for those that are not as physically fit. Current clients range from 25-78 years of age. The guides tailor the hunt approach to the client’s ability.

It is recommended that hunters build themselves up to a two mile walk per day. Walk with a pack up to twenty pounds while conducting the two mile walks per day. Purchase hunting boots months in advance and break them in prior to the hunt. Sight in rifle prior to arriving at the lodge and practice shooting up to 400 yards in different positions (prone, kneeling, shooting sticks). We recommend the Train to Hunt Program.

Travel, food and lodging for this hunt

Travel to NM:
Hunters should fly into Albuquerque International Airport or Santa Fe Airport and arrange for a rental car to travel to the lodge.

Typical travel to the hunting property from the lodge will be by vehicle (average 20-30 miles). Hunting travel will be by horseback or foot (average 1-5 miles).


(208) 867-6675

Meals and Accommodations
Our lodges are surrounded by beautiful views, all while still having modern day amenities such as beamed cathedral ceilings, exquisitely hand-carved vigas, T&G, and majestic yet elegant tiled bedrooms and bathrooms. After a fulfilling day of hunting, return to your comfortable room, enjoy your favorite drink on the covered wrapped around deck or patio, and then satisfy your taste with our second to none dining. These Lodges honor our guests with a unique combination of warm hospitality, unspoiled privacy and comfort within driving distance to a lake where hunters can fish once they have harvested their animal.

Hot home cooked meals. Breakfast: Breakfast burritos with eggs, meat and hash browns Lunch: Sandwiches, stews, nachos Dinner: Enchiladas, beans, Spanish rice Chicken, vegetables, mashed potatoes Steak, potatoes, vegetables Smothered burritos Hamburger.

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We have worked hard to provide our customers with great hunting opportunities by providing them with exclusive hunting rights to tens of thousands of acres on several private ranches. Our hunting areas range from 6,000-10,000 feet in elevation.

Hunt Reports from clients who’ve hunted with this outfitter:

If you have gone on a hunt with one of our outfitters, please submit a hunt report.

  • Jared Griffith - New Mexico Elk Hunt
    This was an awesome hunt and opportunity from GOTHUNTS. I promote Russ Meyer all the time, he is an amazing broker and hunter. The other day someone referred to him as the Chuck Adams of Idaho.
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Hunter Testimonials:

This was an awesome hunt and opportunity from Outdoors International. I promote Russ Meyer all the time but he is an amazing broker and hunter. Just the other day I heard some one refer to him as the Chuck Adams of Idaho. I believe it to be true. Jarred Griffith | Utah

Elk Hunting Gear List:

    This gear list is for a Western-style spot-and-stalk hunt.
    If you would like to talk to a Gear Professional, click here.

    Kryptek Clearance Cave

    Clothing and Apparel:

    ❏ Underwear (4 pair)
    ❏ Merino Wool Tops and Bottoms (2 sets)
    ❏ Lightweight Camo Pants
    ❏ Midweight Camo Pants
    ❏ Knee Pads (for stalking)
    ❏ Lightweight Camo Shirt
    ❏ Midweight Camo Shirt
    ❏ Camo Jacket
    ❏ Camo Coat
    ❏ Rain Gear
    ❏ Lightweight Gloves
    ❏ Gloves
    ❏ Cap
    ❏ Beanie


    Rifle Hunting Gear:

    ❏ Rifle
    ❏ Shells *take at least 1 box
    ❏ Sling
    ❏ Gun Cleaning Kit



    Archery Hunting Gear:

    ❏ Bow
    ❏ Arrows *we recommend that you take 1 doz.
    ❏ Broadheads
    ❏ Release *an extra release is recommended
    ❏ Sight
    ❏ Rangefinder


    Kenetrek Boots


    ❏ Hunting Boots (non-insulated, or insulated depending on season)
    ❏ Light Socks (4 pair)
    ❏ Heavier Socks (4 pair) *season appropriate weight
    ❏ Camp Shoes


    Advertise with us Optics


    ❏ Binoculars
    ❏ Bino Harness
    ❏ Rangefinder
    ❏ Spotting Scope
    ❏ Tripod


    TAG Bags Synthetic Game bags

    Technical and Misc. Gear:

    ❏ Backpack
    ❏ Game Bags
    ❏ Knife
    ❏ Multi-Tool
    ❏ Flashlight and/or Headlamp
    ❏ Milspec, Polarized Sunglasses
    ❏ GPS
    ❏ Water Bladder (2L)
    ❏ Scent elimination spray
    ❏ Insect Repellent
    ❏ Book, magazine and/or ipod
    ❏ Camera
    ❏ Video Camera and/or GoPro
    ❏ Lens Cloth *for cleaning optics
    ❏ Extra Batteries
    ❏ Personal Items *toothbrush; toothpaste; floss; soap; chapstick; washcloth; deodorant; sunscreen; baby wipes; medication; glasses or contacts; Advil or aspirin; nail clippers; disposable razor; multi-vitamins
    ❏ Tent / Bivy
    ❏ Sleeping Bag
    ❏ Sleeping Pad
    ❏ Camp Pillow
    ❏ 5 gal. Collapsible Water Container
    ❏ Pot
    ❏ Bowl
    ❏ Eating Utensils
    ❏ Lighter
    ❏ Large Fuel Container
    ❏ Camp Stove
    ❏ Lantern
    ❏ Food
    ❏ Paper Towels
    ❏ TP/Wet Wipes
    ❏ Ziplock Bags
    ❏ Garbage Bags
    ❏ Caping Salt
    ❏ Topo Maps
    ❏ Dry Bag
    ❏ First Aid Kit


    Video Gear Review by



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NM hunting for elk

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