New Zealand Sika Deer Hunting

The best Free Range Sika deer hunting in New Zealand

Free Range New Zealand Sika deer HuntingSika deer were introduced into the Kaimanawa Ranges in the central North Island of New Zealand in 1905.

They have thrived and New Zealand sika deer hunting is now consistently producing world class trophy sika stag! Get More Information

New Zealand Sika deer hunting is very good. You will be free range trophy hunting on a remote and large private station where Sika deer are numerous. Expect to see 20-40 or more sika stag per day.”

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New Zealand Sika Stag HuntsHunting Season
The best times to hunt Sika stag is the last week of February through to mid May, with April being the rut. Winter sika deer hunting takes place through September, and can also be good.

Hunting Method
Expect to do alot of glassing from high points, until a trophy sika stag is located and a stalk is planned. Sika stags are alert and difficult to hunt, vocal when alarmed, but also curious and territorial so respond to challenging roars during the rut. Vegetation here comprises grassland, tussock, manuka scrub and native bush. Contour varies from river flats to rolling hills up to 5,000 feet altitude.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
These Sika stag have very light hunting pressure, and thus are able to reach their full maturity and grow antlers of outstanding trophy quality. Trophy stags are typically 4×4 with antler length 24″-32″. Success rates on sika deer hunting are near 100%.

Kaimanawa Ranges in the central North Island of New ZealandTravel
Hunters from the States fly from LA to Auckland, New Zealand. You can also fly here via Australia, which is a three hour flight. Once you arrive in Auckland, you will take a short flight by domestic air to Palmerston North regional airport. Hunters will be met by guides with 4WD vehicles and drive 2 hours to the coastal “station” (ranch) for sika deer hunting.

Accommodation on this sika stag hunt is in comfortable cabins that have hot showers. If you wish, a luxury lodge is also available for an extra fee, and must be arranged in advance.