New Zealand Rusa Deer Hunting

New Zealand Rusa Deer hunting is the best in the world!

New Caledonia, New Zealand is a tropical French colony with the most abundant Rusa deer herds anywhere.
New Zealand Rusa Deer
Javan Rusa were introduced to New Caldonia in the 1800’s and thrive on the rolling brown grasslands to the extent that hundreds of does and a couple of dozen trophy stags will be seen per day. This is a very fun hunt.  Get More Information

Rusa deer hunting in New Zealand is fun and easy with a high population of deer, warm temperatures and lots of opportunities. A very enjoyable hunt. New Caledonia has long been regarded as the #1 trophy producing Rusa deer country in the world.

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New Zealand Rusa DeerNew Zealand Rusa Deer Hunting

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New Caldonia Rusa Deer HuntingHunting Season
The best time for Rusa deer hunting in New Zealand is in the rut July through August.

Hunting Method
You will be spot and stalk hunting in rolling grassland and wooded stream beds.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
New Zealand Rusa deer hunting in New Caldonia is very good. Trophy quality is world class with new records frequently being taken. The average length of the trophies taken is around the 33-34-inch mark, however, trophies have been taken well in excess of this length and several have placed in the top ten for SCI.

Combo Opportunities
A rusa deer hunt is often done as a combo with a New Zealand winter hunt, for tahr, sambar deer, or sika deer. With the abundance of game this is an ideal destination for a group of hunters.

Rusa deer hunting on New CaldoniaTravel
Hunters from the States fly from LA to Auckland, New Zealand. You can also fly here via Australia, which is a three hour flight. Once you arrive in Auckland, you will take a short flight by domestic air to Palmerston North regional airport. Hunters will be met by guides with 4WD vehicles and drive 2 hours to the coastal “station” (ranch) for sika deer hunting.

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Accommodation on this rusa deer hunt is in comfortable cabins that have hot showers. If you wish, a luxury lodge is also available for an extra fee, and must be arranged in advance.

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