New World Record Whitetail – The Johnny King Buck

Who doesn’t love big bucks, especially big typical whitetail bucks that break records? A new World Record whitetail doesn’t happen very often and in this case it hasn’t happened since the 1990’s… nearly 2 decades!

New World Record Whitetail
The Johnny King Buck
Photo by Shane Indrebo, courtesy of

The Big Buck Club announced today that the Johnny King Buck from Wisconsin is the new World Record Typical Whitetail (gross scoring) buck of all time. On April 13, the bucks final scoring came in at a gross 221-6/8 beating the Milo Hansen buck from Saskatchewan.

A panel of One Boone and Crockett scorers, one member of the North East Big Buck Club, and the official scorer who first scored the record in question scored the buck together. The Northeast Club mainly consists of entries from the east to mid-east but it also includes deer throughout North America. They celebrate all deer no matter where they come from.

Our goal is not to dispute Boone and Crockett. Our goal is to be consistent with the rules of a gross-scoring club, in which there is no over-emphasis on symmetry. Symmetry is purely related to net scores.”

Scoring varies between both clubs as they each have their own scoring system, but they are very close in criteria.

New World Record Whitetail
Johnny King with his massive white-tailed deer, which has been scored and officially deemed
the world record by the Northeast Big Buck Club.

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