New Products for 2013

We talk a lot about the importance of the right gear, We know through experience the right gear helps you stay out longer and hunt harder which equals more harvest opportunities & success.  We all want to be more successful in the woods so with that in mind Spring time usually brings out the new products for the upcoming year. This is a prefect time to fill you in on some of the new products we will be offering in our store as soon as they become available.

Kryptek Outdoor Group

Kryptek’s new additions & changes to there 2013 lineup of gear is going to be some of the best gear we have ever tested. With 6 new products and changes to current offerings pushes to the next level.

Poseidon: This is a 2.5 lightweight rain gear. Top and bottom & compresses small enough to fit in your pack without noticing.
Dalibor: Lightweight softshell jacket and pant that has all the tactical pockets and functions as the Alaios & Cadog.
Kratos Minus Vest: Just like the Kratos Jacket except in a vest version.
Borealis: A hybrid baselayer, with a primaloft front and merino arms and back.
Helios: Hot weather shirt
Attila: Monkey man high loft fleece jacket
Valhalla Pant: Upgraded fabric.
Alaios Pant: New 4 way stretch fabric.
Aegis Pant & Jacket: brushed outer coating making it ultra quite.


TZ CF13 Carbon Fiber System: A New Carbon Fiber Pack system. Super lightweight @ 3lb 8oz, Very durable and can carry more than100x it’s own weight. Comes with multiple bag attachments for day hunts all the way to the back country extended stay.
TZ 4000: a very versatile pack that goes from 2500 cu in to 4000 cu in. Lots of expanding organizational pockets, great suspensions system and built in rain fly and bow/gun bucket.
TZ Hydration System: new hydration bladder system fits’s all hydration capable packs. With Anti-microbial liner & technolgy, pouch liner to ellimnate bad taste, easy to fill large opening.

S4 Gear:

Lockdown X: The Optics Deployment System, this is an improvement version from the Original Lock Down system. The new system is more comfortable  breathable, extra lightweight & quiet.
Be watching for full detail reviews & information on these items as they become available on our store @

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