New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunts

New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunts for 320+ bulls on hundreds of thousands of private acres

World Class NM Archery Elk
Units 10, 12 & 13 are considered some of the premier elk hunting units in New Mexico. » BOOK YOUR HUNT!

This NM Trophy Elk hunting outfitter has world class private and public land hunts in prime units. Get more information »

This outfitter consistently produces 320+ bulls on his over 400,000 acres of prime private New Mexico trophy elk hunting ground

What to expect when hunting trophy elk in New Mexico:

New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunt
New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunting Season
This Outfitter can set you up on archery trophy elk hunts in the rut starting Sept 1 – 22 or trophy rifle elk hunts Oct 1 – 20. Plus he has 5 day landowner tag hunts that run from Oct 21- Dec 31. Regardless of when you hunt, you will have a great chance at 320-400″+ bulls on this New Mexico Trophy Elk hunt.are scheduled during the first few weeks of October.

They also have 3 and 5 day cow elk, and cow elk/mule deer combo hunts available.

Hunting Units
These hunts take place in New Mexico Trophy Units 10, 12 and 13 in Central Western New Mexico.

New Mexico Elk Hunting Methods
Depending on which unit you are hunting, you will show up no earlier than noon the day prior to your hunt at the main lodge, where you will have time to check your weapon and relax a bit.

Hunting is done with a mix of sitting waterholes, calling and spot&stalk. Your guide will provide transportation during the hunt to and from the lodge/camp and hunting area. We operate our New Mexico elk hunts out of one main lodge. All of our hunters stay at the lodge, however we do have various satellite camps located in some of the more remote areas that we hunt which are assembled of travel trailers, cabins, or wall tents with most modern conveniences. These satellite camps may be utilized by you and your guide in order to cut down on travel time.

The outfitter will provide you with all of the food, water, and snacks that you will need for your entire hunt. They do not provide liquor or beer; however we do allow hunters to bring whatever they would like into camp

New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunting

You will be hunting high desert terrain in thick Pinyon pine and Juniper thickets approximately 6000-7500 ft. in elevation. These New Mexico trophy elk hunts are not overly physically demanding as the elk are generally in flat and easily accessible areas during the rut. We typically drive to the general vicinity of where we will hunt, and then travel on foot from that point. Hunters should expect to walk 1-5 miles per day across fairly flat terrain. The only difficult hiking we sometimes encounter is when getting into position atop high points to glass. If you are hunting a late season hunt with us in November or December, the hunts tend to be more physically challenging as the bulls move into more difficult terrain

The weather in New Mexico varies significantly with temperatures ranging from 0-80 degrees. There is always a chance of rain during the September archery hunts and temperatures will range from 20-80 degrees depending on how late your hunt is scheduled. October is usually a dry month; however we do have an occasional storm and may even see a dusting of snow. November and December late season hunts have a likelihood of snow and temperatures in the 0-50 degree range.

Hunt Includes
The price of the hunt includes your landowner elk tag, 1 on 1 guiding, food, lodging, transportation during your hunt, field care of meat and trophy.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
These are resident elk and the ranches you will be hunting on do not have large concentrations of elk but they do have tremendous trophy quality with the goal being to harvest only 330+ bulls. Typical herd bulls on these ranches will be in the 370-400″+ range. This outfitter runs very close to 100% shot opportunity on high quality bulls.

The best bull they’ve taken here scored well over 400″ B&C.

Hunt Difficulty
These hunts would rank a 4-5 on a 1-10 scale of difficulty as most of the terrain is relatively flat to rolling. The late season hunts in November and December are a little more difficult as the bulls tend to move into more remote and rugged terrain.

Hunters need to be in good enough shape to walk up to 5 miles per day. Practice at home walking 2-3 miles per day with a 20-25lb backpack and you will be good to go. For archery hunters you need to be able to shoot well out to 40 yards, but if you can effectively shoot out to 50 you will increase your opportunities on bigger bulls. Rifle hunters should practice out to 400 yards, especially for late season hunts.
If you want to get into tip top hunting shape we strongly recommend the Train to Hunt Program.

Travel, food and lodging for this hunt

Travel to NM:
You will fly into Albuquerque International Airport, where you will rent a car and drive approximately 3 hrs to camp or for a fee the outfitter will have someone pick you up at the airport.

Travel to the hunting are from the lodge will be by vehicle and then on foot once you reach the area you will be hunting for the day.



My elk hunt with this Outfitter was fantastic. I have hunted all over the world, but chasing big bugling bull elk in New Mexico was a thrill. The camp and staff were great and the hunting was exciting and memorable. This was a hunt I will never forget and I took a trophy that will help me tell the story for years to come. Outfitter was top notch and so was the hunting.

Mark W. DeYoung
CEO, Federal Premium Ammunition
President & CEO, ATK

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Hunt Reports from clients who’ve hunted with this outfitter:

If you have gone on a hunt with one of our outfitters, please submit a hunt report.

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Hunter Testimonials:

Elk Hunting Gear List:

    This gear list is for a Western-style spot-and-stalk hunt.
    If you would like to talk to a Gear Professional, click here.


    Clothing and Apparel:

    ❏ Underwear (4 pair)
    ❏ Merino Wool Tops and Bottoms (2 sets)
    ❏ Lightweight Camo Pants
    ❏ Midweight Camo Pants
    ❏ Knee Pads (for stalking)
    ❏ Lightweight Camo Shirt
    ❏ Midweight Camo Shirt
    ❏ Camo Jacket
    ❏ Camo Coat
    ❏ Rain Gear
    ❏ Lightweight Gloves
    ❏ Gloves
    ❏ Cap
    ❏ Beanie


    Rifle Hunting Gear:

    ❏ Rifle
    ❏ Shells *take at least 1 box
    ❏ Sling
    ❏ Gun Cleaning Kit



    Archery Hunting Gear:

    ❏ Bow
    ❏ Arrows *we recommend that you take 1 doz.
    ❏ Broadheads
    ❏ Release *an extra release is recommended
    ❏ Sight
    ❏ Rangefinder


    Kenetrek Boots


    ❏ Hunting Boots (non-insulated, or insulated depending on season)
    ❏ Light Socks (4 pair)
    ❏ Heavier Socks (4 pair) *season appropriate weight
    ❏ Camp Shoes




    ❏ Binoculars
    ❏ Bino Harness
    ❏ Rangefinder
    ❏ Spotting Scope
    ❏ Tripod


    TAG Bags Synthetic Game bags

    Technical and Misc. Gear:

    ❏ Backpack
    ❏ Game Bags
    ❏ Knife
    ❏ Multi-Tool
    ❏ Flashlight and/or Headlamp
    ❏ Milspec, Polarized Sunglasses
    ❏ GPS
    ❏ Water Bladder (2L)
    ❏ Scent elimination spray
    ❏ Insect Repellent
    ❏ Book, magazine and/or ipod
    ❏ Camera
    ❏ Video Camera and/or GoPro
    ❏ Lens Cloth *for cleaning optics
    ❏ Extra Batteries
    ❏ Personal Items *toothbrush; toothpaste; floss; soap; chapstick; washcloth; deodorant; sunscreen; baby wipes; medication; glasses or contacts; Advil or aspirin; nail clippers; disposable razor; multi-vitamins
    ❏ Tent / Bivy
    ❏ Sleeping Bag
    ❏ Sleeping Pad
    ❏ Camp Pillow
    ❏ 5 gal. Collapsible Water Container
    ❏ Pot
    ❏ Bowl
    ❏ Eating Utensils
    ❏ Lighter
    ❏ Large Fuel Container
    ❏ Camp Stove
    ❏ Lantern
    ❏ Food
    ❏ Paper Towels
    ❏ TP/Wet Wipes
    ❏ Ziplock Bags
    ❏ Garbage Bags
    ❏ Caping Salt
    ❏ Topo Maps
    ❏ Dry Bag
    ❏ First Aid Kit


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New Mexico Trophy Elk hunting

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