New Mexico Elk Hunting: Landowner Tags on Private Ranches

Think: “mature 5×5, or 6×6 with a possibility of a bull over 300.”

ELk hutnting in New Mexico

This is an above average bull for this hunt, but it shows what is possible.

While there is a good chance at a big bull over 300 inches, while you are in New Mexico elk hunting… you WILL see A LOT of elk, and it is VERY likely that you will go home with at least an average bull. If trophy quality is all that matters, this isn’t the hunt for you. This an affordable, fun hunt with guaranteed tags for an average 5×5 or 6×6 bull, with a chance for a good bull scoring over 300″.

These New Mexico elk hunting ranches are in Northern New Mexico in Units 4, 45, 46, and 52. No matter your physical condition, or weapon of choice, this New Mexico outfitter has a ranch suited to your type of elk hunting, and guaranteed landowner elk tags to go with it.

There are ranches in two very distinct areas of Northern New Mexico. One area has LOTS of elk, and you should think 5×5′s or average 6×6′s, but you WILL get opportunities. This area is flat, and easy to hunt with good road systems. The other area is much higher, and the access isn’t as good. However, the quality of elk is better here if you are in shape and willing to get out and do some walking. Get More Information »

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I hunted here during the late season, and it was fun, and we saw HUNDREDS of elk. But I couldn’t help but think about what an incredible archery elk hunt it would be.” ~Cory Glauner

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Elk hunting on private land in new mexico

A great Northern New Mexico Bull.

New Mexico Elk Hunting Seasons
Archery: September 1 – 22
Muzzleloader: September 23 – 30
Rifle: October 1 – December 31

Hunting Method
Depending on the time of year, hunting methods can change. This outfitter offers New Mexico elk hunting landowner tags for archery elk, muzzleloader elk, and rifle elk hunts (you should ask us about his late season elk / mountain lion combo hunts).

An average day of elk hunting goes like this: your outfitter will pick you up at your hotel and you will drive to the ranch where you will be hunting, where you will meet up with your guide. You will typically hunt until around 10AM, then you will take a break and go back out at around 2PM and hunt until dark. Guiding is always one-on-one.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
Success rate is around 70%, but opportunity for at least a mature 5-point is 100%. The client will have many opportunities on 5×5 or average 6×6 bulls, and a possibility of a 300+ bull. They try not to take anything less then a mature 5×5 or 6×6 bull.

NOTE: the higher elevation ranch does have bigger bulls, with a decent chance at an elk up to 330+”, but it is more difficult to hunt. If you are in shape and willing to walk, you will want to hunt there.

Combo Opportunities
Depending on the time of year, your NM elk hunt can be combined with bear, mule deer, or mountain lion with additional cost. *price is determined upon days left to hunt.

Justin with his late season New Mexico bull

Justin with his late season New Mexico bull

Not only did we see bulls every day on our New Mexico elk hunt, we had the chance to shoot bulls every day.” ~Justin Sparks

 Northern New Mexico Elk HuntingTravel
Fly into Albuquerque International Airport, where you will be picked up by your guide or outfitter. You will then drive approximately an hour to purchase your hunting license (if you don’t purchase it beforehand), and be checked into your hotel. The outfitter will provide transportation to and from the field every day.

License and Tags
Your land owner voucher is included with the price of the hunt. State license is not included.

Lodging is not included in the price of the hunt. Depending on the ranch you will be hunting, you will have your choice of 3 to 5 Star hotels at local casino resorts in Pojoaque, NM, or a very nice Super 8 hotel in Las Vegas, NM.

“Meals will be at the restaurant of your choice, and we suggest you let the outfitter choose, because he won’t steer you wrong. The food was great on our hunt.” ~Cory Glauner

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