New Mexico Antelope Hunting on Private Land

100% Success on antelope scoring from the low 70’s to 85+ inches!

New Mexico Antelope Hunting on Private LandNew Mexico antelope hunting on 360,000 private acres.

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In New Mexico we hunt for antelope on 360,000 private acres of prime habitat. We boast 100% success year in and year out on great bucks. Every year in New Mexico we take antelope bucks that range from low 70’s to 85 inches.”

More about this archery antelope hunt in New Mexico:

New-Mexico-Antelope-huntingHunting Method
Antelope hunting is done by spot-and-stalk, decoys and ground blinds over water. The difficulty level of this hunt is easy to moderate.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
This New Mexico antelope hunting outfitter goes 100% on antelope bucks with high trophy quality ranging from the low 70’s up to 85+ inches. This outfitter is legit.

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Trophy Care
All necessary field care of your trophy (cleaning, caping, and quartering) will be taken care of and included on this hunt. For meat processing and taxidermy work, this outfitter can recommend some great options and put you in contact with them.

This New Mexico antelope hunting outfitter is the real deal. Antelope hunting doesn’t get much better than this. This outfitter offers archery antelope hunts as well with very high success. In the last two years they took 17 bow hunters and 16 of them took nice bucks.” ~Trevor Brittingham

This great outfitter is also offering Colorado Antelope Hunts

In addition to these great New Mexico antelope hunts, this outfitter also has an antelope hunting operation in Colorado. This hunt also goes 100% success on 90,000 private acres. The bucks don’t run as big as the New Mexico antelope, but offer a more affordable alternative. Antelope bucks here will range from high 60’s to 78 inches.

New Mexico Hunting Season and License Information

New Mexico Antelope Hunting Season:
Antelope hunting in New Mexico takes place from August through December depending on the unit and/or weapon you are using. This outfitter offers both archery and rifle antelope hunts.


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License and Tags:
New Mexico pronghorn antelope hunts on private lands are issued through the Antelope Private-lands Use System (A-PLUS) to qualified landowners with hunting agreements.

Purchase your New Mexico hunting license, tags, or apply for your hunt here, but talk to us first so you know which units to get your tag in.

Travel, Food, and Lodging information for this hunt

Hunting Lodge
New Mexico mapTravel to New Mexico
For the primary hunting area, the easiest travel arrangement to make is to fly into Denver International Airport (DEN) and rent a car.

It is a 3.5 hour drive to the private New Mexico antelope hunting ranch where you will be hunting. Private aircrafts can be easily accommodated by the Raton Municipal Airport, which has a 6000 ft runway. In the event that you’re hunting the ranch near Bloxom, NM, the best airport to fly into is in Albuquerque (ABQ). The drive from there is 3 hours.

Camps and Accommodations
Accommodations on this antelope hunt consists of comfortable ranch-style houses located on the hunting properties. All meals and beverages (other than alcohol) are included in your stay. Amenities include WiFi Internet and Satellite T.V. in each of the two lodges.

The lodge you will be hunting out of depends on your tag, and the ranch you are hunting.

Bijou Lodge
bijou_2hunting lodge in New MexicoNew Mexico Hunting Lodge

T.O. Lodge
New Mexico LodgeFine DiningLodging

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