Nevada Mule Deer Muzzleloader Success!

This Nevada mule deer buck is a 6X4 with eyeguards. 7 scoreable points on the right and 5 scoreable points on the left. It has tons of mass and some awesome in-lines on the right side. He is really tall and has a lot of character. He ended up scoring 195″!

Nevada mule deer hunting

Jeff had found this Nevada mule deer during the archery season and knew that he was in there. After two days of glassing his guts out, he finally spotted this buck at 8AM. He put the deer to bed, and then started an 8 hour stalk. He was able to get within 220 yards within the first hour and a half, but it took him another 6½ hours to close up the remaining 110 yards to get within muzzleloader range. The terrain was really open and he had to move very, very slow. Talk about 8 solid hours of INTENSITY.

Between a month of pre-season scouting, 18 days of archery hunting, and 2 days of muzzleloader hunting, It all paid off with this SMOKER BUCK for Jeff.

Are you ready to go Nevada mule deer hunting?

Most good mule deer hunts in Nevada require some bonus points to draw. Those points cannot be transferred to another person or into another species category.

Applicants are only able to accumulate one bonus point per species category each year. So, if you applied for any legal weapon tag and were unsuccessful, and then applied for an archery tag, and were unsuccessful, you still only accrue one point because these are both in the antlered deer category.

A hunter’s bonus points revert to zero in a particular species category when he is successful at obtaining a tag or fails to apply for two consecutive years.

Bonus points are not earned if an applicant requests and receives a hunting license refund.
More on Nevada bonus points here.

Nevada mule deer hunting

Hunting mule deer in Nevada



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